Date: 6th January 2014 at 2:06pm
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I enjoy reading your comments as much as I do writing for you

When you guys get going in the comments section, under a relatively trivial bit of news-article, I almost feel guilty for breaking the rhetorical flow up.

I like to assure myself that my views on all things BWFC are justified and are accumulated from my personal experiences. Not set-in-stone, exactly, but would take an earthquake of occurrences to deviate such beliefs.

Then I set about reading your comments.

My views on Dougie, the players, the board, the academy, the fans, the performances, the outlook etc can all change and change back within one solitary comments section from you lot. You all give such persuading and hard to argue against cases, I wish Vital Bolton had a room with a camera, so you could gather and discuss and it could be broadcast on the website.

I`d definitely subscribe, even if it was just to put faces to all your usernames?

Anyhoo, not much in the way of news as I can see? So, instead of bringing you some disclosures from the Reebok, I`m going to just kick-back with some chicken soup- I`m still not well- and wait for you starting another riveting thread.

Discuss what you want; I just hope I`ve not put that awkward pressure on you to think of a topic. If you struggle, just carry the last thread on.

So not to completely leave me hanging: Gary Fraser has returned to the Reebok after his loan spell with Partick Thistle came to an end.

The 19-year-old midfielder made a total of four appearances for the SPL club.

I’ve put our manager’s face at the top to stir your emotions.


26 Replies to “A Jolly Good Read”

  • its a great debate and lets talk about everything, even the tears flowing into my coffee. Apologies if my frustration boiled over, not sure that I would be discussing changing the wallpaper or re arranging the furniture if my house was burning down around me – it comes down to priorities.

  • Mike, I think we all know how bad things are, I certainly do and like you get shot down for mentioning it. I do think most of the guys here with one or two exceptions know we have the fourth highest debt in British football. We can see the problems on the pitch. We can see the lack of any tactical nous. The generally poor substitutions (although I think he nailed it against Blackpool) The lack of any sign of decent youth product. We all I think agree there is an unhealthy situation at board level. It comes to something when the biggest cheers and anticipation is for the half time entertainment. However despite all that we have to look at the possible situations, the maybes, the what ifs, because if not and their is no hope and a future in the lower leagues is what awaits then not only can we do little about it but we may as well enjoy the here and now in any way we can.

  • So the priorities are talking about how bad things are and how much debt there is and how inept DF is or how much ubterest we pay Davies or how Gartisde has ruined the club….but not how things can be improved or give any kind of opinion on how we get out of this mess on and off the pitch. I notice you didnt respond to one little aspect of my post…oh sorry, the tears bit. The house isnt burning down Mike, things arent great but they could be a whole lot worse, focus on how things can get better with what we have got. Spending more money and getting rid of the management and board arent happening, get over it and move on. Just think, it could be worse, we could still have QuickQuid!

  • I have said several times we should go 352 but there is no way it is going to happen. This week would be the time, that would shock forest and maybe scupper their game plan particularly as they have no strikers to speak of.

  • Does anyone perhaps think that, seeing as Eddie Davies effectively owes the £140+m to himself (he owns both BWFC and Moonshift and one simply owes the other a lot of money), and seeing as his kids don’t seem to be quite so supportive of Bolton as he is himself, that if we fail to make the playoffs this year but end up more than 13 points ahead of the relegation zone with one fixture left, ED might put us into administration with his own administrators, wind up Moonshift owing to unpaid debts and send it bankrupt, then buy the club back out of administration for a knockdown price Ken Bates style? It would be lovely if it happened… If we can load up the business side of the club this year it would be a prime time to get it over and done with.

  • The debt is out of our hands, the only way of reducing that debt is for a club takeover from a wealthy invested which is not going to happen as someone said we have 1 of the biggest debts in the country…. Or we starting winning games and getting into the premiership, which is a long shot but we are talking tactics for matches, how best to utilise our squad, implement substitutions and how we can make deals in the transfer markets to make our squad stronger, which making our squad stronger and bringing in better players helps us with the promotion fight and that in turn helps with our debt
    …. So technically we are all talking about debt, just not in such a direct manner and we aren’t being a pessimist over it, we are problem solving! And dont be negative to each other, be nice ! After all, we haven’t had a bad start to the year with a draw we should of won if zat knight hadn’t of had a break in concentration for the 1st 45 mins but actually kept us in the game so to speak in the 2nd half against boro and we won in the FA cup which gives us a bit of cash…. Happy new year indeed !

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