Date: 22nd September 2009 at 5:14pm
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Raise your glasses to us. Vital Football that is. Rivals bit the dust a few weeks ago (tee, hee!), but the Vital Network remains strong and has been named in the Top 25 football websites by the Daily Telegraph.

`A network of fans site that has managed to dodge the bullet of being taken over then run it to the ground by large media organisations Vital is a great first port of call for independent news, especially if your club is outside the Premier League` is the sage assessment.

That`s nice isn`t it? Apart from the ‘if your club is outside the Premier League` bit, which is probably not the best thing to say to a Bolton fan at the moment.

You can more read about it here


3 Replies to “A Vital Piece of News”

  • it is some acheivement! I think what it was getting at with the “outside the premier league” bit, was that no-one else gives a toss what happens below about the top 6 teams (with maybe a second thought for the relegation strugglers/newcastle) – so if you want to hear news that isn’t just “top 4 this, top 4 that”, vital is the place to be. Especially if ou follow the championship and below.

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