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After Sunday…


Whatever happens on Sunday, whether we stay up or go down, it looks like there will be mass change, and that may necessarily not be a bad thing.

Including loan players and players out of contract at the end of June, and you’re looking at up to nearly two-dozen players leaving the club. Many of the players that are ours are the wrong side of 30, and to be honest, whatever division we’re in I’d be happy if we only kept six or seven.

The manager could go. Phil Parkinson has seemed to have lost a lot of support of late. For me, he should stay whatever happens. In League One, you have a boss who has been there and done it, not just a promotion with us, but also strong performances at Bradford and Charlton. Even this season, I genuinely believe he has been hamstrung by the quality of player and lack of investment. Had he had the opportunity to assemble, let’s say a top half squad, he probably would have at least come close to achieving that. Whether he does stay though, is an entirely different matter.

Which leads to one other place for change. Ken Anderson has spoken of getting investment in, and while it has to be the right people, as many a club’s fans would tell you, we can’t carry on as we are in our current state, unless we fancy a perpetual cycle of scrapping for Championship survival and getting out of League One.

But for now, Sunday’s match is all that matters. Come On You White Men.

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