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April Player Of The Month Nominations (Really)


It’s been an awful month for us. We’ve picked out four players who can stake a claim for the title as ‘least worst player of the month’ and you can vote for your favourite if you’re on Twitter.

Ben Alnwick

A few decent saves over the course of the month, but to paraphrase Jose Mourinho, if your goalkeeper is your best player that might be a problem.

Sammy Ameobi

Now I’ve had the good fortune to only see half of our games in full this month, and I seem to have more time for him than a lot of fans at the moment, but he tried more than most to try and take people on. His inconsistency is a massive issue, but would rather have that than absolutely nothing.

Adam Le Fondre

He has scored 50% of the goals. Even if it did come from the penalty spot. You could argue he is getting minimal service too, so what more can he do.

Craig Noone

Noone scored the other 50% of the goals. The winger has impressed a few people by visibly showing some fight and effort, plus the finish at Barnsley was quite good.

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