Date: 30th June 2019 at 5:21pm
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Yesterday it was Luca Connell, today it’s Laurence Bassini.

Vital Bolton this weekend seems to have been telling people where they can go…

Just when it may be considered safe to think that a takeover may be finally done and dusted and that we could be in the hands of someone competent, Bassini has resurfaced like the itch that won’t go away, threatening legal action.

According to the Sun, a bigger offer than the one that seemingly has won the day could be made in the next 24 hours – which would pay unsecured creditors in full, as opposed to the 25% on the table as it stands. Bassini again has said the right things in that piece, but he has done that before and on every occasion has failed to back up his words.

If Bassini really cares about the club and us sorting ourselves out, he might be advised to just leave us alone and get on with it. He had his chance in March and April, and blew it.


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