Date: 1st February 2010 at 12:11pm
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New Wanderers boss Owen Coyle has arrived on a tidal wave of goodwill that hasn`t diminished, even after three league defeats in four and a performance against Burnley that would have had the angry mob sharpening their pitchforks had it occurred during the tenure of the previous manager.

One of the reasons is the way that Coyle conducts himself publicly. This shouldn`t matter, but in these days of media saturation it does.

Sam Allardyce`s posturing was tiresome, Sammy Lee a gift for interviewers looking for someone to slap around and then there was the PR disaster called Gary Megson. The ‘five points from ten games, below Derby when I arrived` line is now causing problems for the NHS, with the number of Bolton fans requiring psychiatric help to have it removed from their consciousness reaching epidemic proportions.

Coyle, on the other hand, says the right things and appears to be knowledgeable and appreciative of the supporters. So this morning`s statement to the Bolton News, regarding the defeats at Liverpool and Arsenal is something of a disappointment.

‘There is genuine disappointment because I think we could have had points at different times from both games. But I take the positives from them,` he said.

Did you spot the problem in the last sentence? Yes, it`s the ‘p` word so beloved of Sammy Lee and so ridiculed by the Reebok faithful.

At this stage, it doesn`t matter, but if, in a few games time, Bolton are still mired in or near the relegation zone, then parallels with the hapless Lee may well be drawn and having one less of them may help. Owen Coyle is advised to get himself a thesaurus.


6 Replies to “Beware the ‘P` Word Mr Coyle”

  • Am I the only one who thought that the team played well against Burnley? We saw some nice passes strung together on the deck, it was all round positive play. Granted the second half was a bit rough, but we won the majority of the 50-50’s and had the better of the half chances. What’s more we kept our first clean sheet all season. Yes, we’ve lost 3 out of 4 but do we really expect to take anything from Arsenal and Liverpool away? As Bamberini said, there have been positives, lets reserve judgement and give the man a fair chance before we light the bonfire.

  • “Coyle, on the other hand, says the right things and appears to be knowledgeable and appreciative of the supporters”???..Yep he’s the best bull*****ter there is as all Clarets fans now know to their cost! Just wait till you are calling him the Devil sorry God! As for Coyle providing positives, it would be very hard not too given the state of your side with all it’s hoof-ball expertise and set-piece diving trickery!

  • What’s naive about revering a manager that managed to get what is effectively a pub side into the Premiership. I cannot believe how bitter and jealous the Dingles are over Super Owen Coyle.

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