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Bolton Announce MND Fundraisers


Bolton have announced a weekend of activities to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease support.

It comes as Gethin Jones’ mother continues to battle the disease, and the fund aims to raise money for costs of her treatment, as well as raising general awareness of MND. Jones isn’t the only Wanderers right-back who has been affected by the disease, with of course Stephen Darby having to live with the condition, forcing his retirement in 2018.

In the middle of November, Bolton’s home game with Crewe is being played on Friday 12th November, a match originally brought forward because of the now-postponed Rugby League World Cup. That date remains, which means the stadium can host a black tie gala on the Saturday, while most excitingly, on Sunday, the first team will play a Wanderers All-Star XI, with a 1pm kick-off.

It hasn’t been confirmed which ‘all-stars’ will play, or if any have been booked just yet. Ivan Campo has asked to play, appealing to the club on Twitter, which has predictably led to calls for him to be invited, and rightly so. Hopefully, it’s been either a case of nobody being contacted just yet, or given the times we’re still living in, they stuck to players who live in the country. If Campo is up for it, he should certainly be allowed in.

Speaking of further afield, Stuart Holden will also pay for a number of tickets, which shows despite all we’ve been through, there is still a community there and a lot of good former players who still hold the club dearly.

Darby’s foundation will also get a 25% cut, and hopefully some good will come out of what is an awful situation for Gethin, Stephen and their families.

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