Date: 14th December 2006 at 11:49am
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For those who don’t know him, Eddie Davies speaks with a broad Bolton accent (OK, from Farnworth but since Townleys Hospital was in Farnworth, 80% of Boltonions were born there). He’s a shrewd businessman who made his money in kettle controls. Rumour has it that he played in the Bolton Youth team as a goalkeeper but I’ve yet to find proof of this. His old company, Strix, still have the biggest box at the Reebok and Eddie used to use it before he became a director.

He’s not a foreign investor, even though he lives on the Isle of Man. He’s a proud Boltonion and a lifelong fan.

So Phil Gartside has reason to be angry when recent newspaper reports quoted Bolton as being owned by an oversees businessman.

‘We have been accused in the somewhat uninformed press that we at Bolton are under foreign ownership.

‘But Farnworth, to my understanding, is not overseas,’ Gartside wrote in his programme notes for Saturday’s Premiership game against West Ham, who were being watched by their new Icelandic owners.

As well as Eddie Davies and Phil Gartside (from Leigh), there are other strong Bolton connections on the board including the Warburtons bread making family (go on, admit it – their Toastie is the best in the world).

Gartside continued: ‘Foreign ownership is now a common theme in English business and why should football be excluded?

‘My own personal opinion is that it is of concern if the new owners are firstly not football people and secondly that they have little or no affinity to the clubs concerned.’

Go on Phil, you tell ’em. When did the truth ever get in the way of a good story for the papers!

‘I believe it is very important that officials and management of a football club should connect very strongly with the fans of our clubs in order to give a greater family basis.’


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