Date: 24th May 2010 at 6:32pm
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God, isn`t the summer great? I love the summer as beer goes down quicker meaning there is more of it to drink. There are great films on at the cinema, none of this navel gazing rubbish that wins stuff at the Oscars. Men with guns, blowing up other men with guns. And this year, we have our quadrennial fervour, ultimately nixed in the quarters by a better team. And you can tell it`s the summer as the BBC don`t update the Bolton page until mid-July, the only transfer gossip that the Telegraph can mention in their daily update has been that Burnley are interested in the Badger and someone, somewhere, will mention Miguel Veloso.

A couple of years ago, Jimmy Bullard was mentioned on these pages. Was he worth it, was the question. Was he eck said these pages. And the former manager agreed in one of only four times that the fans and the manager generally got along. Bullard went off to Hull, did his knee early doors, got better, did his knee again and in between had a fight with a team mate in front of the women`s guild under the Humber Bridge. All the while taking a bundle of Suntan`s money. In fact, that appears to be the sole reason why Jimmy went to Hull, as there can be precious little other reason. Imagine giving up all that glory at Fulham just for the smell of fish.

So, the papers over the weekend suggested that Bolton were interested in him. For what reason is anybody`s guess. He made thirty nine league appearances for Fulham, who probably couldn’t believe their luck when Hull came in for him, where he immediately got injured again before managing another fifteen league games for them. That’s fifty four league games, for our innumerate friends, in four years. Plus he’s thirty one. You can just imagine the smirk on St Owen`s face when, in he former BEN, he first called Bullard “a great player” before adding “We have got some quality players in his position already at this football club”. I don`t know if he means the ones on the treatment table or not but there is a place there now that RVT has fallen over the exit sign.

So that`s the greedy bullet of Dindandont dodged and the greedy bullet of Bullard not even out of the gun. Seems we`re two for two so far this summer. Is Leroy Lita for sale?


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