Date: 8th May 2019 at 12:42pm
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Bolton Wanderers will be back in court in two weeks time after it appeared, but has not being yet confirmed, that we will be entering administration.

A notice of intent from the Davies family resulted in a two week adjournment, while Ken Anderson didn’t even have a representative in court, instead whipping out a good old Note From The Chairman.

It does mean there in theory could be a whole two more weeks before someone decides to actually press the button and the club does enter administration, that would be a further two weeks of the club being ran into the ground, a further two weeks of players not being paid, a further two weeks of staff not being paid, therefore a further two weeks of hardship, a further two weeks lost that could be spent planning for next season. And probably even a further two weeks of Laurence Bassini thinking he can do a deal. Basically another two weeks of being a complete circus.

At least we weren’t liquidated.


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