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Bolton Reward Young Players


Bolton Wanderers have signed up five of their youngsters up, rewarding their efforts for the Under-23s last season.

Connor Hall already had an extra year on his deal activated but has now signed a new two-year contract. That’s a good move, he deserves to be involved in some capacity with the first team next season, and if he does end up doing really well, we avoid the prospect of potentially looking at other destinations next summer.

Meanwhile, Dennis Politic, Liam Edwards, Harry Brockbank and Joe Muscatt have all signed their first professional contracts.

It’s good to see some of these youngsters kept on, and while as has been said before, you can actually play them too often at this stage of their careers, it’s definitely worth using them more than we have done in the last couple of years. Alex Perry could yet be kept on too.

As regards first team recruitment, we’re still waiting on more new signings, but it sounds as if there may be some movement this week, if not necessarily a signing made. Might need to get a move on…our trip to the Hawthorns is five weeks on Saturday.

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