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Bolton Right to Release Morais But Still Mess It Up


Yesterday evening the club announced Filipe Morais wouldn’t be offered a new contract. It was news that surprised many people, including the player himself.

Morais moving on isn’t necessarily a bad move. He has been a good servant for us over the last 18 months, magnificent en route to us clinching promotion, and even had his moments last season, although he spent a lot of time occupying the bench. But this summer the club seems committed to raising the standard of player coming into the club, and also reducing the average age. Morais is over 30 and I can only assume the club will get another winger, amongst what needs to be a long shopping list.

What is rubbish is the way the announcement has turned out to be handled, if the Bolton News is right. The official club tweet was Morais’ first knowledge of the decision, which is frankly inexcusable. Simply tell him face-to-face. If the player can’t be told straight away wait. And until he has been told, you don’t tell the media team to break the news. It’s disrespectful to a player who did quite a lot for us.

He delivered for us. Good luck to the Postman on his next round.

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