Date: 29th April 2018 at 1:38pm
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What an awful day for Bolton Wanderers. Nottingham Firest had done us a favour on Tuesday when they had beaten Barnsley and handed us back into our own hands our own survival fate. Being Bolton Wanderers though, we decided to generously hand it back to Barnsley, and not only that, we were in fact so generous we also let Burton go ahead of us in the queue for the lifeboats.

Now, work commitments meant I couldn’t actually. While initially gutted, I seemed to have dodged not just a bullet, but an entire magazine from a semi-automatic. Looking back at the Channel 5 highlights (whose producer decided to put us at the top of the show, thanks!) it wasn’t even close, with a Filipe Morais free-kick the only thing we did worthy of making the edit.

In the end, the goals came in a short spell either side of the half-hour mark, with Hope Akpan making us look hopeless, then Lucas Akins doubling the lead not long after.

As far as I care, you can put a fork in Wanderers. They’re done. Yes, a win could keep us up next Sunday, but nothing I’ve seen in the last month would point that we’d actually uphold our end of the bargain. In any case, if we do win, we need two of these three scenarios to happen.

  1. Burton not winning (against Preston)
  2. Barnsley not winning (against Derby)
  3. Birmingham losing (against Fulham)

Reading could also get absolutely thrashed, while a draw would keep us up if Barnsley lost by about 15 and Burton lost, but these are obviously not going to happen.

It does make you wonder what has happened to trigger such a collapse in form since the start of the Easter period. Mark Little, who has claimed not to be injured, has disappeared out of contention, while there was a surprise return for Dorian Dervite yesterday. Maybe he had ‘trained well’ or something.

In any case, we’re probably going back down to League One. If we do stay up, we’ll probably remain in our state of struggle unless there are changes. Deep changes through the club.


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