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Bolton Strike Reflects Badly on the Regime


We should have been dissecting what team Phil Parkinson has fielded in the opening game of pre-season against St Mirren.

Instead, the players are on strike, citing unpaid June wages and bonuses. while the chairman tries to defend the fact that he didn’t pay the salary of one player, who has not been involved with the club in the last two seasons, and wants to rejoin the club he was out last season,

That doesn’t sound as like he’s talking about Ben Amos. Not at all. You can read the whole of the statement here if you want.

And it doesn’t matter if he’s the highest paid player and earns daft money, or he hasn’t been very good when he did play for us. A contract is a contract, and it can’t be a case of, “you earn too much money, I’m just not paying you.” Fair points are made about the timing of the payment of bonuses, but this seems to have been dealt with underhanded.

The timing of the strike isn’t great though. I don’t know how many had planned to travel north, but you have to feel sorry for those who had forked out to make the trip, but a match was going to be the only way to ram home a point.

It’s annoying that there is always something, fans have had to put with this rubbish for the last two and a half years. Last year, Dean Moxey was quite vocal about a similar issue. Many are sick and tired and bored to death with it all.

Nor will this situation look appealing to any potential signings. Who wants to play for a club where the chairman sees paying your wages as an option rather than an obligation?

He’s done some good things, but if and when the current regime sells up, they shouldn’t be missed.

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