Date: 29th January 2013 at 8:09pm
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AlParklar is jetlagged and generally feeling the holiday blues….

So I`m back from New York. I`m suffering from a spectacular little thing called jetlag, making me feel hungover. Maybe I`m just hungover. From food that is! Yikes, those Yanks know how to make someone fat.

One thing I didn`t enjoy in excess whilst away was Bolton Wanderers. Away from Sky Sports News, and the ability to reload my Twitter feed every second without it costing me millions, I took a step back from the rollercoaster ride that is supporting our little club. I saw that we lost to Everton in the last minute, but apart from the nine second coverage that Adrian and his merry men gave us, I don`t have much to form an opinion on once I returned.

So, it appears that you lot like to grumble almost as much as the majority in the Reebok does! Which I appreciate, as it means you all enjoy Vital as much as I enjoy writing it and reading your views. Massive thanks to Chris for his help whilst I was away, I think he did a sterling job, and he may pop in on occasion if I have an impromptu weekend away etc. etc. Apologies for the polls/stats and their absence, I honestly forgot to arrange for them to be done. However, I promise that going forward, you will get all the info you need RIGHT HERE.

With that in mind, I`ll need a little help. For anyone interested in writing for Vital, please email me (link on the homepage) with your name, credentials, examples of your work (and maybe a Twitter handle so I can do some snooping?). What I would like to do is give some of the regular readers/commenters a opportunity to do a guest article; what do you think? Please comment in the regular place. This is a community, and I want you guys to have some input on what you see, as it`s there for you in the first place.

I`ll make this a quick one, as we haven`t signed/lost anyone and nobody has really done anything. That kid hasn`t turned up from Scotland, Alonso is in limbo, and Wheater still isn`t fit. There, I wrote the news. Happy?


17 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: ARTICLE!!!”

  • Nice to have you back Al. Glad you had a good time, Were only moaning on here because the team are doing a bit better and after all we have to moan about something.

  • Use to love the big apple until I got greedy and went twice a week for 6 months many years ago! Welcome back Ed. We want ratings now too! But as I think we all are on the same page please ban any real moaners or personal attacks – we have come here to get away from all that. A new poll, excellent!

  • We did guest articles for Quentin before during the off season for the 2010/11 season. Was good seeing differnt views, should be the same again.

  • current policy seems to be batten down the hatches for a few years in the championship, given the financially prudent plan that seems to be in place, I know Gartside has to avoid the risk of administration ensuring we spend within our means, buying young players for little outlay is a good idea but it serves long term interests more than immediate needs. The best laid business case agreed in the boardroom has little relevence out on the pitch were the only thing that really has any impact on the direction a club is taking is scoring goals, hitting the net, winning games. For that you need a 20 goal a season striker, either you spend money and bring a proven player in or you sow a few seeds and wait to see if any youngster makes that grade down the line. Can we afford to buy or can we afford to wait and see what the next couple of years bring us, either way its a difficult choice, not sure the fans will be happy with how things currently stand – we need good strikers above anything else – just look at recent results – Everton, Leeds, Sheffield, lack of goals cost us in every game, playing well is irrelevent if you dont hit the net

  • I for one think this looks a great signing, lets just hope its more than three years. I agree we need a striker but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some other good players in. After all Andrews is not for the long term, spearing is average and surely going back down the east lancs in May so Kamara looks a good move.

  • Squad strength has improved of late and management should now be able to play the most talented team we will have seen all season, it remains to be seen if we can convert this strength into much needed victories. I sincerely hope it does not become a case of too little too late, with results over the last month coming back to haunt us, a period when 8 points slipped through our hands. Getting a run of victories this month does not look easy on paper, however, it is definately sh-t or bust if the club is going to gamble on trying to reach those play off slots, Freedman should forget about playing for draws and go all out on the attack, they say fortune can favour the brave and the omens look good when you reflect on player availability. Holden as an example must start against Watford and SKD should be nailed to the bench.

  • Welcome back Al. Like the idea of us all writing a piece on a specific subject. Maybe we could agree a list of topics and all choose one (can you tell I’m a teacher?!) Discussion been very enjoyable on here of late & far superior to other Vitals.

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