Date: 4th October 2012 at 7:46pm
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Evening all. Today we have a few little bits of news.


Stuart Pearce obviously sees something in Marv that Owen Coyle doesn`t. But I can see why. This summer I was lucky enough to watch the Great Britain Olympic football team play at Old Trafford, and for the second half of a game against Senegal, Mr Sordell played up top on his own in a 4-5-1-cum-4-3-3 system. He did very well, which surprised me.

Marvin isn`t your average lone striker, and is certainly different to the two we have most recently implemented in SKD and N`gog. He is small and pacy, but this doesn`t affect the ability to hold the ball up in attacking areas. It does, however, mean we would have to play a different type of ball into him; one that would definitely help some of the footballing purists in the squad`s ranks.

He wouldn`t be the first of his kind as a smaller lone striker. Any doubters reading this need to look no further than what Jermaine Defoe is doing at Tottenham this year. If the tactic can allow a team to score three at Old Trafford, we should at least give it a go in the Championship. One thing is for certain; Sordell doesn`t link well with SKD. And despite Kevin`s supply of goals this year, he has often offered little else and given the likes of Mills an excuse to hoof. Maybe a change up top would allow a more expansive style of play?


What a shame. The man is an incredible goalkeeping coach; and Jussi, Al Habsi and Adam Bogdan can all thank him for any success that they have had or will have in their careers. Why Coyle wanted his own men, I don`t know. Our loss is definitely Bury`s gain; it`s just unlucky that his low profile has probably been the reason he didn`t earn himself a more prestigious role.


Give it up, Owen. Accept some of the blame!! Be a man about things. Show some decorum about your work or we will begin to lose respect as well as confidence.


Best to refer you to our brothers at Vital Palace for this one:

Right, that`s it. Quentin`s back tomorrow.


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  • I can’t understand about Fred Barber either; it seemed as soon as he lost his position at the club, Jussi’s form declined, Al Habsi was ridiculously sold to our rivals (debatably keeping them up), and Bogdan has not developed (yet, at least) into the ‘keeper it was suggested he’d be. I think I remember Big Sam hinting at being perplexed by Coyle’s decision after he signed Jussi.

  • I’ve just read the last few articles from the Bolton News and it certainly looks bad for Coyle. The last time I saw the words ‘circling the wagons’ in relation to a manager was during the final weeks of Gary Megson. To make it worse Coyle’s basically just said that all the criticism directed at him by the fans is baseless as they’re not “football people”, which really annoyed me as he’s saying the fans know nothing about the club they’ve supported for far longer than he’s been manager. Again, the last manager to alienate the fans, as Coyle’s in danger of doing, didn’t last long afterwards. This, and the pointless moaning about the referees, makes it all seem a bit desperate

  •,,10794~20127,00.html We’re clearly capable of getting the ball into a shooting position more frequently than any other side in the league. That much you would expect considering the midfield is made up of players (Andrews aside) who 18 months ago was capable of playing with the very best football has to offer. The complete lack of pace in central defence is a serious worry – time after time we see Matt Mills and Zat Knight breezed past by players well into their 30s with no cover from the marauding full backs who’ve wandered off up the field trying to find out where Mills just hoofed it to. For all Steinsson’s faults, he was always at least in the way for the opposition left winger, and delayed their cross enough to allow the rest of the defence to pick up the strikers. Likewise with Robbo, who couldn’t stop a cross but could at least stop the ball being passed along the floor into the box. It’s pretty simple, really, do what we used to do – pass, let the defenders defend and not run off upfield, play with three central midfielders and a lone striker, and watch the opposition’s goal threat evaporate and we’ll continue to pour into the box. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, OC, time to change tactics, or you’ll keep getting the same results.

  • nice statement about Sordell, pace in attack is always dangerous, I remember several years back watching Big Sams team play Zenit St Petersburgh at the Reebok in the UEFA Cup, Zenit had 2 or 3 forwards who cut through us like a hot knive in butter, they had electrifying pace, it was the most effective attacking style I have witnessed. We appear to have learned nothing from the experience. As for Coyle and his reported statements to the press, he deserves nothing but our contempt, his track record says all that should be said

  • Disagree about Fred Barber. Jussi got worse and worse, Ali sometimes looked like Jussi when he made mistakes and Bogdan now flapping. What did Fred do to stop these mistakes while he was still at the club? Why didn’t Sam take him with Jussi?

    On Coyle. He and unfortunately the Chairman are both deluded as are the current backroom staff. Read on Twitter yesterday that LSL is now coaching the first team. Can anyone confirm this? I for one hope it is true as he might have some influence on our pathetic defence.

  • Saw that about LSL. Funnily enough if we knew anything about football – the fans don’t acc to OC as they aren’t in the game – we would appreciate that the performances have improved in the last 2 games. A coincidence that OC’s buddies have been sidelined for those games? And as for “we will never look for excuses” what the hell is that DVD all about? Maybe it just has compromising photos of Keith Hackett

  • Coyle actually bringing staff in? That’s the most stupid thing I’ve seen yet and it doesn’t look as if they’re ready to give him the boot. Sad, sad.

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