Date: 30th March 2013 at 12:39pm
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Afternoon all, and thanks to Aussie Mike for his guest post yesterday. Today we face Charlton Athletic in our most important game of the season so far. Victory today could see us move within two points of the playoff. Defeat will probably see us condemned to another season out of the big league. We need to get back to winning ways after our hiccup against Ipswich two weeks ago, and with Huddersfield and Wolves coming up in the next week, today could be the start of another little run.

In the other big game for us today, Forest play Brighton. I`m entirely sure how I want that game to pan out. If Forest win, they start to create a gap between fifth and sixth, but they make our chances of getting sixth greater. However, if Brighton win, then it still leaves two playoff spots for the taking. Wish they could both lose.

Vital Quotes:

Dougie thinks there`s been some benefit to the long break since the Ipswich game. He told the club website: “We have had a break as a squad, given the lads a few days off to recharge their batteries and spend time with their families. We have had a great time off and now we are really looking forward to the remainder of the season.”

He also spoke about Kevin Davies` future: “It was a difficult decision regarding Kevin but it was a decision that was made of honesty towards Kevin, he deserves the honesty and respect when we made the decision to give him the time and opportunity to find himself a team for next season. Kevin is a club legend and always will be and it now gives the fans the opportunity to get right behind Kevin and give him the support he deserves.

Charlton Athletic Team News:

Leon Cort and Danny Hollands are out; whereas new loanee Mark Gower is available for selection.

Player to watch: ???????

No, not a clue.

Bolton Wanderers Team News:

Hall and Butterfield are both expected to be in squad, as should be Kevin Davies. Let`s hope nothing changes between us and SKD in the final few games. Hero.

Player to watch: Craig Dawson

Another big game for our centre back extraordinaire. We won`t be firing them in for fun today, so a clean sheet is a must. Our record since Dawson joined the club has been incredible, and I wouldn`t expect any less than the best from him today.

Match Facts & Stats

Charlton have only once won at home against us in the last decade. Think this is a rather misleading stat considering we haven`t played at their ground for seven years!

Match Prediction:

Think we`ll win this one, 1-0. I`m not predicting fireworks, but I`m confident of victory.

Next Fixtures:

Huddersfield at home on Tuesday night. The stuff that Championship dreams are made of.


16 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: Charlton Preview”

  • What a disappointment. Our ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory is alarming. I really thought we’d get back on track and do the business today, and it started that way. The calamitous way it fell apart reminded me of that horrible Ipswich play off night. Gutted, at the manner of the defeat but something still tells me we could maybe still do it. Haven’t studied the table though. What an opportunity missed…

  • how easily 6 points has slipped away in 2 consecutive games against lesser teams, I cannot comment on what we deserved from todays game, though it seems our early dominance was not recreated in the second half. I was alarmed by the choice of substitutions and the fact our most gifted player was in Sheffield, courtesy of our manager, when his presence on the bench and potential contribution in the last 30 minutes could have swung todays result our way. As hyperthetical as that may be, we have denied ourselves the option of having Stuart Holden up our sleeve at the most critical time of the season, which I feel represented far to big a risk, certainly one the club should not have taken. How can it be claimed Holden was not up to fitness when DF threw a player on today who has only just arrived, with few games to his name, whose fitness levels must be questionable, who would not contribute to our attacking strength, unlike Holden, at a point in the game when we needed to attack and get goals to chase a result. I question whether decisions taken by DF over the last few days and during todays game have exposed his failings

  • It’s that thing of not being forceful enough throughout the game to kill off these teams. At 2-0 we were in control but didn’t have the discipline to just hold that. They got a goal from nothing only five minutes after our second, ie we switched off. Then again after the sending off, immediate conceding after the restart and five minutes later their winner. We have to instill that ruthlessness to impose ourselves and shut the opposition out at key points in the game. Instead we seem to be easily dominated by the other sides momentum. I thought and hoped we’d overcome this trait but sadly not. I remain hopeful of the overall progress though.

  • Form is temporary, class (or lack of it) is permanent. Apart from Craig Dawson I would gladly see the back of every other defender at the club. Alonso can look good going forward but is not a competent defender, Ricketts is all over the place, my 10 year old daughter could run rings around Zat Knight, and others, like Mears, are also not good enough. Clear out the rubbish Dougie or they will get you sacked.

  • what!!!!???? how is it dougies fault or not having someone score goals for us. it was the unprofessionalism of certain players making clumsy tackles in front of a ref who gives reds like nobody’s business, i’m not blaming the ref, that’s his job, but that fuller is a master at going over from little contact, superb display from him. we have 2 defenders and a striker sent off and a few are saying we need to score more. we didn’t need to kill them off when your two nill in front, you play calmly and stick to formation and keep possession and if the moment you get a chance you take it. and i hope people are finally realizing that a 3rd choice keeper who was at leeds is no replacement for bogdan. we are really missing mears. rickets and knight need to be taken round the back and shot.

  • I don’t think we are ready for Prem yet, I would prefer that we play well until the end of the season and go for it next year. It’s way better fun watching us win than get beaten every week in the premiership. The only thing I miss is TV coverage, football itself is still very watchable. How was he actual performance yesterday ? Haven’t seen anything on TV yet

  • even the most bias supporters would concede some of our recent victories during the good run where down to good fortune rather than superior play, that we display a vulnerability indicative of teams who win and loose in equal measure. Until such time we have a team that displays the strengths that led to our last promotion and achieves equal results we are not going up.

  • I fully agree with the comments about not being ready for the premiership .I stand by my comment several weeks ago that DF is really aiming for promotion next season despite managment claims for this season. lf the playoffs are reached this season it would be by accident rather than design.Next season I think he will play a more settled side despite the claims of the merit of rotating players in this season’s campaign.Nevertheless I wish them well for the remainder of the seaon and I hope they prove me wrong.

  • readily agree with Bowton, at 2-0 you stay composed, at 2-3 down you go for broke. Everyone raises interesting observations, then again maybe the luck on the day went Charlton’s way, had N’Gog put that early chance away it could have been very different ?

  • There’s still a bit of a Coyle hangover going on for me. Although we look much more organised now a successful side shouldn’t lose 2-0 leads. At that point you stay calm and keep control through disciplined play. Just frustrate the opposition and keep that score. That composure in our game is what’s still missing as evidenced yesterday and at Barnsley etc. This type of collapse and lack of discipline was characteristic of the Coyle era decline (the ultimate disastrous example being the West Brom game in last year’s run in) and needs to be addressed by DF, as I’m sure he’s aware, to regain our forward momentum, especially as we are usually defending a single goal lead or chasing a solitary winner.

  • i can’t see this being a frequent occurrence, 2 defenders seeing the red is not the norm. pretty sure if that wouldn’t of happened, we would have sailed away with the three points comfortably.

  • Let’s hope so. The ref was rubbish by all accounts. But Charlton had a few chances before all that, and we do get quite easily pushed off our stride in games, whether by a decision or an upturn in opponents play. I think it’s a mental thing and DFs trying to change, but still work to do there.

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