Date: 13th February 2013 at 8:07pm
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Our guest article from adlington2.

Evening again. We have a guest article from adlington2, who thinks that our problem may be a bit higher than the players or coaching staff?.

As we hover just above the relegation zone, let’s look at Gartside’s performance over the last few years; since he played a part in Sam Allardyce leaving. Then, let’s judge his work in the way a manager is judged.

One of a manager’s biggest responsibilities is finding talent and signing players. A real manager has to sign a whole squad, but Gartside just had to find one ‘player’, one slice of talent. The manager. His choices have been Lee, Megson, Coyle and Freedman.

Every manager is given a little time for his choice of talent to settle in and make a difference. Gartside’s signings have had their chances and the results are a disaster. What would be the cry from fans, journalists, broadcasters, phone-ins etc? Sack the manager! Yet I don’t pick up a paper and read headlines, rumours, speculations about Gartside going.

Of course there are mutterings and shouts from supporters, a whinge at an annual meeting. But they don’t add up to anything and he’s still there. Is it because he’s slithered his way into some role at the FA, and is seen as a force in football? Or is it just that a manager is an easier target?

Doesn’t really matter but the end result is he dodges the bullets and sticks around. So as the pressure builds on Freedman – it’s pointless to have a go at him. He’s just the defensive wall round Gartside. If relegation gets much closer he will go – but Gartside will remain. He uses the same insults as his managers; fans don’t know what they’re talking about. Everything will be fine. I feel desperately sorry for Eddie Davies, who has spent fortunes; his contribution is unbelievably good. But he does seem to have this blind spot. Why is the incompetent Gartside still with us?


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  • good article Al, I have persistently raised objection to Gartsides ‘teflon’ invulnerability as I belief he should be exposed to the same critical judgement on his performance as Chairman, as everyone else who takes their income from the club. I utterly dislike the silent contempt he displays towards the fans, for someone who enjoys the luxuries that £500,000 a year offers he should at least address the supporters on a regular basis to account for his performance and that of the team. The fans actually pay their own money towards his salary while he contributes nothing of any positiveness to the club in return. His input and direction does not help team performance, on the contrary, his team manager selections have inflicted lasting damage. In any other type of company or organisation Chairmen answer to the market, they are invariably forced to step down when they fail to meet objectives, its about time Gartside answered for his failings, I for one feel his position has become increasingly untennable.

  • I understand the club seeks to become more self sufficient financially via the new commercial developments around the site and they hace actively trimmed the wage bill liabilities around their necks over the last 2 years, however, football together with success in the league underpins everything, failure at the core spells disaster for the club, interests around the periphery cannot save us. Gartside must refocus on the one priority that matters more than anything – our team and its manager. If this is beyond him, step aside and pass the reigns to someone more capable.

  • Re the financial self sufficiency, I would really like to know how on earth we’ve managed to amass the level of debt we have. It just doesn’t seem to add up given that we’ve hardly broken the bank in the transfer market over the years apart from a little bit when PG released the purse strings a bit for Megson. And we recouped some ( half ) decent fees back, despite our strategy in this area being somewhat dodgy – as has often been pointed out here. Surely the wage bill can’t have been that huge?? It just seems incredible when clubs like Wigan, with no crowd, and Wolves who’ve just built a massive new stand are turning profits. This is indeed a dark mystery I feel.

  • it wouldn’t surprise to find that bolton run their ship much like a certain coffee shop that was in news a few months ago…the business that owns it isn’t based in england, probably isle wight which has a very low tax rate. so bolton saying there in debt, i dont think its as clear cut (a club that isn’t making profit i guess in’t paying tax). also terms like, the club is indebted to eddie davies gets used allot, so i hope there is nothing too much to worry about. now on to gartiside…i’ve been reading this website for a number of years. three or more i think. and never found the need to comment, quintin pretty much said what i was thinking (and well done to al for taking over!) but recently most comments tend to be all the same. anger, thrown in with some fear-mongering, inconsistency of stats and facts with a dash of contradiction, but it’s understandable considering the recent months and well, all of last year. now i’m not the biggest fan of big phil like allot but credit where credit is due, i think it’s good to have different opinions to consider. gartside has been in charge for the most successful period in our clubs history and for the last few weeks, comments have talked about the time under allardyce and the players he brought in, none of that would of happened without gartside, he gave big sam the funds as well as actually appointing him manager, to bring in some fantastic players most of whom would of been on extremely high wages which i think was the biggest contribution we have so much debt and on long contracts and the majority besides campo (ivan’s was taken by a certain diaby), speed and big kev dropped form like nobody’s business, but at the time wen ur having good success nothing is really questioned. after sam left as well as the majority of backroom staff gartside then went for martyn jol but ultimately couldn’t convince him to come up north and well you know the rest. so taking a stand back from the hateful figure, here is a chairman unlike the hundreds of others that are at different clubs has been in charge at the same time as the club has had some fantastic players, a club that has done a considerable job in domestic cup runs, been in europe twice and has put in charge a number of manager’s to extend a consistent run in the premier league for eleven years and is highly regarded member in the fa….i have to say he doesn’t seem to have done a bad job to me…and he is from leigh!!!! apologies for grammar and other issues with this post as it has gone on a lot longer than i anticipated but i’m dislexic.dyslexik?….dyslexic 🙂

  • When the two Subs came on, I heared a guy yell “GARTSIDE OUT”. I instantly thought “Yeah because he’s the one that’s just made those Substitues”.

  • Hi bowton, I think you make some fair points. I would just like to see the chairman answer the fans concerns. I think he is well paid (as he should be) to run our club and part of his responsibility is to the fans. When things are not going well he has to stand up and be counted, that is all I for one am asking. Similarly I dont think it would do any harm for DF to make a rallying call to the fans and show us he is one of us now. I can’t think of any reason why either chairman or manager should not speak to the fans at the Reebok either pre or post match.

  • Unfortunately Muur there are a few fools at the game. I hear “get some subs on” regularly after 20 mins!! Groans when the lads dont shoot and groans when they do. People calling for PG out, DF out and generally just calling the team and club non stop. It drives me mad. Although I have learned to live with the shouts of “stick with him lads” every five minutes regardless of what is happening on the pitch from one lady!!

  • hi boltongav, thanks for the comment, i agree whit what you are saying about gartside not talking enough in the papers….but if u read the matchday program i think he’s said his fair share week in week out since he’s been chairman, at least everytime i’ve been reading them going to the match for the last 9-10 years.

  • I don’t want Gartside talking in the papers, I know we get the articles in the programme too. What I would like is to see him actually stand up and address the fans at the stadium on a Saturday.

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