Date: 20th November 2012 at 8:33pm
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A match report for Saturday’s game. And some words for our departing editor.

Good evening everyone. Sorry for yesterday; as Quentin discussed earlier today, life has an annoying habit of getting in the way of football. Before I discuss anything Wanderers, I would like to go a little further into Vital Bolton`s sad news.

I for one am going to be very sad to see Mr X`s articles disappear from our web browsers. Quentin X is the reason that I am writing this blog at all. Before writing for the site, I had been a huge fan of it, reading his articles in my lunch break at work as I ate my sandwiches. A football blog with an opinion and a sense of humour, Vital Bolton was part of my daily ritual, as I`m sure it is for some of you fantastic readers. And I will be dedicated to ensuring that this site remains at the standard it has, so that this doesn`t have to change for any of you.

I`ll be doing my own recruitment for a replacement, but I`m in no rush. We`ve got a month and a half until the main man leaves us, and I`m confident of finding someone worthy of replacing Quentin in that time.

Right, so lets look back on the match at the weekend. It wasn`t the best game, was it? I am almost so bored by my memory of the game that I`m thinking of ending this match report now, to save you the trouble. But I won`t.

The first half was one with several chances for the Wanderers, and in the first ten minutes it looked like we were going to win the game very comfortably. And that`s what we all thought before the match, wasn`t it? 2-0, 3-0, 5-0, 8-0. We surely weren`t going to give up any points to Barnsley.

As the game went on, Barnsley started to get into the match, troubling Bogdan on a couple of occasions. On the whole, our defence was doing it`s job, and if it wasn`t for Matt Mill`s passion for whacking the ball LITERALLY WHEREVER, I`d have said they were doing a great job. The defence continued to look good, even when an injury to Warnock led to Ricketts moving to the left and our fan`s favourite scapegoat Mears came on in his place.

Our midfield three looked very good, with Spearing`s tenacity aiding Mark Davies` precise passing and debutant Jacob Butterfield`s aggressive attacking play. If we can extend Butterfield`s loan, he looks like he could be an important player for us until Holden returns, whenever that is. Shame he doesn`t look near enough match-fit for three games in seven days yet.

A three man strikeforce consisting of a central SKD flanked by Ngog and Eagles was very creative, if not as potent as I think it can become. It was certainly effective midway through the first half, with a beautiful early cross from Eagles landing at the feet of Super Kev, who finished it like a man who still had plenty left to offer.

Good play from our strikeforce almost led to a second before halftime. SKD managed to hold a ball up and get it to Ngog, despite being pulled and dragged by one of Barnsley`s defenders. Ngog was in on goal, and with the way he has began to start playing, it looked to be 2-0 for certain. Then the whistle blew.
The idiot referee had pulled back play in our favour, denying us a fantastic chance on goal. This ref had to be the worst I had seen all year, in a league filled with inept officials who seemed obsessed by being the stars of the show themselves. Needless to say, we didn`t score the freekick.

The second half went by in a second. Almost nothing happened. Almost nothing. We had a couple of chances, but nothing close to how many we should`ve been having at home. We needed to secure the win, and push for that second goal. We didn`t get it, and we didn`t win. Out of nowhere, Craig Davies smacked in a very nice goal for the Tykes. 1-1. FT. A very happy Barrrrrnsley.

These are games that we need to win. I don`t care who the manager is, I don`t care any stat or football cliché you throw at me. I don`t want to play Barnsley and get any result that isn`t THREE POINTS. I`ve got angry about it again now. Hopefully I`ll have calmed down enough for tomorrow`s article. See you all then.


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  • Bearnsley a drawn game we should have won, last season – West Brom a drawn game we should have won, the ramifications of which still haunt me a night, will the former have the same effect come the end of the season, just 2 more points, if only we had bagged just 2 more points !!

  • The first half we easily could’ve had about 10 goals. And as for the ref, the match was his first in the Championship this season with all his others being in League One, Two and the JTP. Says a lot really.

  • I didn’t think N’gog was very effective on the wing. Seems daft playing him there with the options we have in wide positions. I am a fan of N’gog though and i think he could do SKD’s job holding the ball up and flicking on just as well if not better, with a turn of pace and more dimensions to his game. N’gog is still really young (24?) and has a lot to offer if managed well. If tactics allow i would like to see 2 up top and see how someone like Sordell/Afobe play off/alongside N’gog. SKD should be used sparingly brought on when things are not working or to exploit certain defences depending on opponent. Kevs days are numbered and so they should be. He has done our club a fiine service, but its time for change. All kev does is encourage the defence (namely Mills) to pointlessly smash the ball up field in his general direction

  • The referee was terrifyingly bad, but as I’ve said before, that shouldn’t matter. Barnsley should have been torn to pieces with their tails between their legs long before the first poor refereeing decision cost us. Realistically it was the finishing that cost us. Remember when McGinlay and Blake played up front and they scored 54 of our 100 goals that season? Well, this is still the second tier of English league football and that’s still what it takes to barrage your way back to the Premiership. Davies? N’gog? Sordell? Afobe? None of them are good enough at this level to do that. Davies might well have more to give, but 30 goals a season just isn’t in his locker. I expect Dougie Freedman will be going striker shopping in January. Perhaps Charlie Austin and Glenn Murray? One lives in hope.

  • Agree robmoss, we got into and around the box plenty, but no space to shoot, or insufficient quality to finish. We need a goals scorer, but an we afford one ?

  • If we could score, or had a danger-man up front, that would help our defensive record. Teams are scoring against us with regularity, not because our defence is ‘that bad’, it’s because opposing teams are always ‘in the game’ because we never finish them off. Psychologically, teams would deem it futile to constantly attack if the scoreline was out of sight. And I’m not talking 4 or 5 nil, 2 or three would see off a lot of teams, especially at home. Because we never get to that point in a game, teams, regardless of their quality, continue to press because they are always in it. And the longer it goes on, the more confident they get. And the more confident they get, the twitchier we become. And the twitchier we become… You get the point. We have created the most chances to date in the entire league and it we had scored the amount of chances we SHOULD have done rather than the chances we COULD have done, we would be pushing for the automatic promotion places…with our defensive record, I suggest, looking a lot healthier.

  • Quote from bwfc75: “…teams, regardless of their quality, continue to press because they are always in it. And the longer it goes on, the more confident they get. And the more confident they get, the twitchier we become. And the twitchier we become… You get the point.” A Bolton Wanderers football match in 4 lines – Brilliant!

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