Date: 16th October 2012 at 9:07pm
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Ok, some of this is going to sound a little bit farfetched.

Good evening everyone. This is your first of TWO VitalBolton articles tonight, as you were so unlucky to not get one last night. Thanks to one thing or another, this is the first opportunity I have had to discuss with you my thoughts on the sacking. I appreciate it`s old news now so I`ll try and keep it short. Short. Shorts. Owen Coyle`s shorts. Oh Owen, how I`ll miss your shorts. And your optimism. Good luck in whatever you do in the future, and farewell.

Anyway, enough of that, he`s gone. It`s over. But the weird thing is, one week on, we have absolutely no inkling of who will be the next manager of our football club. Everyone who is linked with the club has acted fast in ruling themselves out of the job, most recently Messrs Solskjaer and Freedman. Whispers of Michael Appleton are worrying, as the manager has no experience of football management. The man is simply the captain of a sinking ship; someone whose role is something of a damage limitation exercise. This is somewhat far from the born winner we all want.

Whispers of Paulo Di Canio are much more worrying. Now football, politics and religion should never mix. But the moment a Mussolini-adoring fascist manages my football club is the second I walk away from supporting it. I`ve said this before and I mean it. If there is anyone of any influence who reads articles on this site or other Bolton blogs, I hope they see the above and know that it is in the thoughts of more than just me. Supporting Bolton Wanderers Football Club has done very little to make me happy in recent times and this would probably make me leave and never come back.

I`ve also concerned with McLeish, McLaren and Keith Hill from Baaarnsley. This all screams of no particular plan on what sort of manager we should appoint. What we need is a man with similar principles to Owen Coyle, who can tighten the defence and make us convert the plethora of chances we seem to make per game (by luck or bad defending). However, anyone who could fit this category already has a job, or is Pep Guardiola. Doubt he`ll cut short his sabbatical for a go in Horwich.

One man who fits that category, and has a job, has a job for us. Hear me out before you laugh. Little Sam?


?Thanks for stopping eventually. Right, so it is my belief that the reason it didn`t work out for Lee in his spell as manager is because he tried to change things way too quickly. It was inevitable that we wouldn`t be able to play Allardyce football, with anything near the sort of success we`d been getting, once Big Sam and his staff had gone down the Toon. Lee knew we needed to change, but he did it without making massive changes to the squad (apart from some really quite awful additions). So, we`re all agreed that passing football + Allardyce players = relegation. Ok, you`re with me.

Another thing that didn`t help was the approach of the fans. Yeah, I`m looking at you. We`d been spoilt by four consecutive top ten finishes and two European qualifications, so when we began losing weekly, we became somewhat unforgiving. There was booing. And me, a cocky sixteen year old who could get in games as a kiddie yet still sample the wateriest beer The Reebok has to offer, was one of those booing. I`m sorry, and I`m ashamed. Needless to say, the ‘ickle Scouser was off before we could drop, and we then really began to sink.

Lets move forward five years. Now Lee is a big part of this caretaking staff. Jimmy Phillips appears to be running the show, but Little Sam will have a huge influence on the style of play and the tactical side of the game. The difference is, he isn`t managing Allardyce players. He`s managing people who like to get it down on the grass and stroke it about. Passing football + Coyle/Lee players works. Or at least, it might work.

The reason we might not look close to getting anywhere with our search could be that the search is already over. There`s games in quick succession. Let`s give these guys a chance. We don`t appear to have the cash to get anyone of note, so why not give it a go. I could remash that quote from Einstein about insanity and trying things twice, but we all know that football defies logic. And that`s why we`re here.


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  • He failed the first time and his signing were horrible. If he’s appointed we are proabably going to need a Director of Football to handle the transfers because the ones Lee made last time wern’t good enough.

  • Lee & Philips will be at the helm until such time a formal appointment takes place, if they have immediate success against Bristol City and take something off Wolves it should create breathing space and I do expect early success given the tension within the club has been lifted and the players should be more focused. We do have an unforgiving run of tough fixtures ahead of us, it is crucial the team plays at its best so the pressure will be on Gartside to make an appointment without delay if contrary to expectations results do not go our way. This scenario polarises the folly in waiting until the club was truly in the mire before getting rid of Coyle, they have now lost all the benefit that time would have offered had they ditched him 12 months ago or certainly in the close season. I know it can be argued ‘ its easy to say that with hindsight’ however, I would argue hindsight had no part to play during 18 months of continuous decline – a clear pair of eyes was sufficient, minus the rose tinted glasses Gartside was obviously using. Our backs are now up against the wall, everything depends on how the players respond, regardless of manager.

  • AlParklar, I think you should call NHS direct immediately, as you seem to be suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Little Sam! are you serious mate? are you really serious? He thought Xabi Alonso’s fat brother was good enough for the Premier League! come on! I suggest an early night, some tomato soup,no alcohol and you’ll feel much better in the morning. Get well soon mate.

  • When you say Allardyce players, you obviously think of players who like to hoof the ball and cannot play on the deck. I don’t. I think of Allardyce players as players who are good. Are you telling me that Nicolas Anelka or Kevin Nolan couldn’t play a passing game?

  • Having said that, the Phillips/Lee partnership is growing on me, but I think that’s largely because Sammy Lee did an interview today where he didn’t say the name of a sponsor or that something was the best in the world. It was like having Jeremy flipping Clarkson as manager.

  • Good to see him at the reserves game last night but he wont have liked what he saw – a replica of the first team – great 20 – 30 mins and then tiredness and apathy set in. Wylde and O’Halloran could play in the first team for this period of time but no more and nobody else showed any promise including a poor Riley. Jay Lynch is definitely improving and could be a future star keeper for us hopefully.

  • Djorkaeff, Okocha, Campo and Hierro were pretty good at passing the ball. And N’Gotty. And I’m sure there’d be plenty of others I could come up with if I thought about it beyond those who’ve already been mentioned. I personally wouldn’t mind Jimmy taking the job with Lee as his number two, but I don’t want the farce of joint managers again (remember McFarland/Todd?) and I don’t want Lee in charge considering how badly and how quickly he screwed it up last time. All that said I’d like to see how they do first.

  • How old is Sammy Lee? Must be in his 50s. Well, you don’t change much at that age and all he’s ever proved is he’s a fair number 2. Don’t think Gartside could stand the abuse if he appointed him again.

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