Date: 21st March 2013 at 9:56pm
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We need a hero…

It looks like we`re struggling with finding anyone to join our little football club as they try to pull off their against-the-odds, last second break into the playoff places. We`ve all seen the names that have been bandied about, such as that slightly overrated teenage winger from Liverpool, but nothing seems to be coming off for Dougie Freedman in this loan window.

There`s a week to go before the window slams shut, and it`s safe to say that with the Ipswich defeat having brought us all back down from that wonderful spot on Cloud 9, we need a little extra something if our Plan A falls apart. In my mind, we`re well stocked in the goalkeeping department (or at least I don`t think we`ll find a better player than Bodgan to get on loan). Our squad is packed to the brim with defenders, and I don`t think we need another. Dougie thinks we need another winger, but I think we have an ample supply of midfield players who can create chances to win games. The problem, in my eyes, is up front.

Even in our unbeaten run, we were hardly scoring for fun. Several of the wins were 1-0, and whilst those victories are great to get, our inability to covert chances has cost us time and time again. The tightening of the defence has certainly made up look a much stronger outfit, but clean sheets do not win games on their own.

David Ngog is an excellent footballer, and one I think deserves to play at the top level. He isn`t, however, an out and out goalscorer. He creates chances, holds play up, and runs well with the ball. Craig Davies plays a similar role, and despite being a bargain for £300k, will never get us out of this division with his goals alone. Marvin Sordell, the ‘most natural finisher at the club` as put by Owen Coyle, seems to dip in and out of the spotlight way too much to get a consistent run of games under his belt. Stuff still seems to be going behind the scenes with Marvin, and I fear we will never see the best from him.

And don`t get me started on Super Kevin Davies?.

So, we`ve established that we don`t have the man who is going to score 20+ goals in the Championship that we need. A man whose purple patch can fire us to playoff glory. So if we need him, where is he? Who is this mystery man, and can we get him?

Suggestions below, I`m struggling!


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  • And thanks for sticking with me whilst I was under the weather. Least it’s the international break and we’ve not missed much. Thanks to Bwfc_85 on his great article and support again!!

  • There’s a striker at Southampton who’s 22 years old and scored more than a goal a game for The Young boys before being snapped up by Adkins. He’s called Emmanuel Mayuka and he’s lightening quick!

  • Dear Al, I was surprised when the recent spat you had with BoltonGav appeared in you column, I have no wish to take sides as I remain oblivious to its cause and respect individual opinion under the right of free speech, however, Bolton Gav is respected by all of us and we hope he returns to the fold – would it be to much to ask of you to offer him an apology or handshake for any embarrassment caused ? I often apologise for my loose insensitive comments out of respect for the group, I am sensible enough to accept that I can make mistakes with the opinions I express and hopefully learn from them – in essence that is the beauty of being a member of this fabulous small family of BWFC supporters, we all help one another to give our collective opinions and viewpoints credibility. The article above is another excellent piece of observation, well done BWFC 85. In response to bwfc 75, you may be missing out on a promising career as a scout !, this Mayuka represents the type of young forward looked upon as the future solution for clubs seeking attacking talent , alas they are in short supply, fortunately we can still rely on the services of SKD and N’Gog so why worry, why worry indeed.

  • Peter Odemwingie. He won’t play for West Brom again and he can’t go out on loan to a Premiership side, and he’ll want to be in the shop window with a hat-full of goals come summer. If not, maybe Saido Berahino or Kenwyne Jones. But I’d rather have Odemwingie. He might be a miserable ******** with a bad attitude, but you could say that about Anelka, and he was alright for us.

  • robmoss2k, spot on with that. i’d have odemwingie, never mind anelka, for his frailties he was a cracking footballer, but we had diouf, we managed to turn an extremely unlikable person and an average footballer into some cult hero for some bizarre reason that i will never understand why. odemwingie would be brilliant.

  • Haha, thanks Mike. Yeah, he took me about 15 mins to locate with only Youtube and Wki to aid and he seems perfect. He’s not a beast like Lukaku, he’s only 5’8 or 5’9, but he’s a real speedster! I hope our scouts are spreading their net rather than concentrating on that ‘big-name’ loan.

  • oh and i agree what your saying about ngog, i still get surprised when i realize that hes only 23, i think he’s doing an elmander, elmander was an extremely frustrating player, i had many arguments with a couple of fans in front who would do nothing but slag him off for 90 minutes, ngog shows glimpses of a brilliant player like elmander did, all it took was a run, and i would be extremely happy if ngog was finishing the year with 14 goals a season like johan did before he left.

  • and another ohh! i would absolutely love scott sinclaire to make the trip to the reebok. we just don’t have any real wingers, i can’t class chungy or eagles as wingers, and yes raheem sterling would be class for us.

  • I think Apostolos Vellios is a decent call; I’ve been quite impressed with him when I’ve seen him for Everton.

  • What are the b****y scouts doing for their massive remuneration? There must be another 18 year old Messi/Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Pele/Maradona lurking over in Europe/South America/Africa that we could get on the cheap surely?!

  • Africa has talent and I would hope we had scouts watching the nations cup competition last month, 2 or 3 quality lads in their early twenties, looking for a stage to strut their stuff for future premier league contracts, would be ideal for the start of next season. As for our closing 8 games this season, don’t worry our attackers will bring home the bacon, they might not score many or any goals but they will get the bacon, no idea as to who will get the sausages, possibly big phil. I totally agree with Bowton’s observation on Elmander, 14 goal leading scorer, that must be why we let him walk, he had scored too many goals, can’t have that, he was showing the other lads up, we didn’t pay £8 million for that, far better with 6 or 8 goals a piece, get everyone on the same level, harmony. If Eagles and Chungy are not really wingers then wheres the best place to play them ? on the wings of course. So now we need a centre forward who is not really a centre forward ? lets give the shirt to SKD, problem sorted, super duper. Before anyone reacts, I am honestly not having a go at anyone, just in that silly mood.

  • i just class them as wide midfielders, i suppose chungy could be, but he needs to score more. there not in the box that often, comparing to oxlade-chamberlain, scott Sinclair, wallcott, vaz te. etc. either of these players can play up front as well as on the wings, i dont think chungy of eagles could.

  • I feel that Ngog will come good given time, ditto Sordell. But it would be great to pick up an Odemwingie type for a short term boost of firepower for a last push.

  • Skopelos – to think I had faith in you ! dear me suggesting I lead the attack – our existing attack does not need my help they can mess it up without outside support. As for my ability lets avoid the inference of one legged men in arse kicking contests, however true it might actually be. I truly appreciate the effort Bowton makes in explaining the roles served by some of our players, every player has abilities and limitations, management should exploit their strengths, simply wish our lads could hit the target more often, maybe more practice and training? It would be a boost if we could bring in a quality player on loan to strengthen our attack, however, DF has already shown he likes to hold new players back while he checks fitness levels and integrates them into the organisational culture before telling them to lace on a pair of boots, with only 8 games left would anyone be certain of more than a chance of making the subs bench in the last game ?

  • I wonder if they spend HOURS every day shooting at the goal from every conceivable position and circumstance like I would expect them to after such poor OFF TARGET stats and lack of goals from the forwards?

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