Date: 3rd January 2013 at 9:37pm
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Already hating 2013? Me too.

A happy new year everyone. Actually, it hasn`t been for me so far and I doubt it going`s to be great or era defining for us Bolton fans. The car got broken into yesterday, and I spent most of the morning outside in freezing, raining Manchester waiting for police and glass repair people. So that`s where your Leeds match report went.

I didn`t watch the match (despite being in Leeds whilst it was on – bad fan or what?), but from I hear it wasn`t the best, and we probably would`ve got away with it if it wasn`t for those pesky penalties that go against us all of the time.

So, 2013, what are you going to do for us? Anything? This month is probably more important than any, as we can get rid of all this lot. I don`t really mean all of them, but there needs to be a shake up. However, I`m hearing reports of WHO?

Barnsley striker Craig Davies???????.can I get a rewind? And no, I`m not making a really stupid joke (I am), I am asking for a time machine so that I can return six years into the past and steal a blank check from Eddie Davies and pass it to Sam Allardyce to let him sign the players that WOULD HAVE MADE US GREAT.

I know it`s nothing more than wild thoughts but I often wonder about whether the sheiks that eventually took over Manchester City and financed their rise to the top of the game might have picked another Greater Manchester club if we had already made several steps forward in the right direction.

Anyway, it didn`t happen. And our hearts have been ripped out time and time again since the start of 2007. I fear it`s about to happen again. I don`t want to sign players from the bottom end of the Championship who know the league. I want players who are better than this shoddy operation, with it`s chubby refs and empty grounds. I want players who want the best and not only have the dreams, but the obvious ability to perform in the Premier League.

Like you don`t solve America`s gun problem with more guns, you cannot solve Championship mediocrity with more mediocrity.

Anyway, onto other matters. After a departure so on-off, Northern Rail are looking to hire him as a commuter train, Quentin will be leaving us after next week. I am on the lookout for someone to join me on the Vital Bolton writing team (that`s what I`m referring to it as now), of which I will keep you posted in the next couple weeks and would like to get wrapped up before I go on holiday two weeks on Sunday.

One final thing; more general football than just Bolton. Massive respect to Kevin-Prince Boateng, I hope any Bolton player does the same if bombarded with such abuse.


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