Date: 8th October 2012 at 11:29pm
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I’ve had a few drinks tonight. Doesn’t stop me having a valid opinion; right?

Good evening everyone. Apologies for the fairly late edition, but there’s been a celebration in the Parklar household and I’m drunk on Martinis and Argentinian steak. Without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

I’m proper sick of this. I’ve discovered hobbies that I didn’t know I had in my attempts to forget about our already disastrous first season back in the npower Championship. Our attempts to achieve two points per game have been futile, and hit a brand new, cold and hard low on Saturday afternoon.

To be honest with all of you, I’ve only watched the highlights on that shoddy late night highlights programme, and so I can only give you my reaction and not my analysis of the game. What I am certain of is that we should be beating puny little nothing clubs like Millwall without a shed of effort and a second thought.

I am probably with everyone when I imagined that the headlines this morning would read ‘Bolton Un-Coyled’ or some rubbish like that. I did expect the man to go. And with his dismissal, there would be feelings of great sadness. What Owen did in his short spell as a player played a major part in the foundations of our relative success under Big Sam Allardyce. The man also saved us from relegation just after the Megson era and provided us with almost a season of some of the finest football the Premier League has ever seen. I know that I’m a slave to hyperbole but that football stood up hairs on the back of my neck and made me proud to be a Bolton fan again. Yes, it didn’t last, and the last 18 months have been awful, but I’ve never got to the point where I dislike Owen Coyle. If he had left he would have gone with my condolences and an offer of an Iron Brew in the bar of his choice. Wherever sells Iron Brew; can anyone think of such a place?

The fact is; he hasn’t been dismissed. And despite the fact that both me and Quentin pride ourselves that Vital hasn’t called for a managers’ head during our tenure, I feel I can speak for both of us when I say he has to improve dramatically and immediately if he is to avoid the sack.

Moving onto matters independent of our sport but also so prevalent in football; Marvin Sordell has accused Millwall fans of racially abusing him and other members of the Bolton bench. This is disgusting. As so well wrote in yesterday’s editorial for The Guardian, only racists and intellectual Neanderthals cannot see why adopting a zero tolerance of racism is the only way forward. As someone who recently put reported racist abuse to the police but got nowhere, I hope Marv gets the thugs.

Right, it’s beddy bohs. Quentin will supply you with an opinion far less influenced by Vermouth tomorrow. See ya Wednesday.


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