Date: 17th October 2012 at 10:06pm
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Bit of news, few answers to questions. Short, sweet, just too long to tweet. Slow news day…

Evening all. So today seems like a stereotypical international break day, particularly slow on news and filled with games that I have no interest in. I do not know the England score, and I am not bothered about the England score.

As there isn`t much, I`ll do a little roundup and answer some questions and things that have been fired my way. Ok?

There has been one more man linked with the vacancy today, and probably the only one mentioned not to immediately rule himself out; Graeme Souness. Need I say more?

However, it appears to me that it is increasingly more likely for the interim coaching staff to become a more permanent fixture. They have the players training twice a day, which I very much like as I have found our fitness levels lacking and our concentration over long periods such as 90 minutes simply appalling. I also like that there are hints of a more scientific approach with regards to the way we play. This doesn`t necessarily mean that we have to start playing to percentages, but it does mean we can be a bit more thoughtful with the ball in the final third.

I`ve been accused of being sick for thinking that the Lee/Phillips thing can really work. All I can really say is that I`d like to see it be tried, I`d love it to work, and that if anyone can think of a genius solution to our managerial vacancy, please note it down at the bottom.

People have put me in the direction of a stat that states that we misplaced the most passes in the top flight last season, and have used this to justify their belief that I am wrong in thinking our players are good with the ball. I am not wrong. We were guilty last season, and have been so far this year, of making bad decisions as we approach the box. We also get a huge amount of crosses in; good, accurate crosses, that because of the general incompetence of our strikeforce contribute to this statistic. I think it is dangerous to begin looking at football from an entire statistic viewpoint; these stats require context.

I wanted to thank the people yesterday who shared their first experiences of a Bolton Wanderers matchday on the comments of my article. If you haven`t had a look, please do. Despite how bad things can get with football, we can all agree that the club is responsible for some pretty special memories for all of us.

Right, only a short one today. Lets hope for some news tomorrow, hey?


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