Date: 19th May 2010 at 1:05am
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The Midfield (in) General(s)

6. Fabrice Muamba Played 43 Scored 1 Yellow Cards 11 Red Cards 0 Rating 7.5
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 100% yes

Season on season the most improved member of the Wanderers squad, he appears to have learnt that his position means that he may have to track back or only maraud forward at given intervals and has finally managed to translate the performances that he gave for the England U-21 to club football. Unfortunately his shooting ability means that anyone paragliding off Winter Hill on a Saturday afternoon has to take their life in their hands. He was booked more than any Bolton player this season but has turned out into one of Megson`s better signings, even if Megson wasn`t here to see it.

7. Matty Taylor Played 43 Scored 8 Yellow Cards 3 Red Cards 0 Rating 6.5
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 50/50.

It is difficult to define Matty`s season. He has had his critics, this site especially accusing him of laziness, but then it turned out he had been carrying glandular fever around for six months. Now I`m no doctor (and if I was I`d be the new Dr. Who because that new assistant is niiiiice) but if it took them two minutes to diagnose Cahill`s blood clot, surely they could have got to this quicker? Don`t get me wrong, it`s not the greatest disease to have , and it would give a reason why he didn`t run more than ten yards in either direction for half the year. It just seems a little convenient. Anyway, he came away with eight goals again, which is a good enough return from someone who is ill but his position may be under threat as he is a left winger who doesn`t really use the wing, and the manager may be looking for someone who does that. Hence why he played Wilshere there for a bit.

11. Ricardo Gardner Played 24 Scored 2 Yellow Cards 1 Red Cards 0 Rating 6.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 95% certain

I asked last week if people thought that Ricky would be staying and the consensus is that it would be a fool that would let him go. He has not had the best of season, injuries restricting him to mostly substitute appearances. Still has something to offer but it shouldn`t really be through the middle where he isn`t given the opportunity to do what he does best, which is run at full backs, although it does stop him crossing the ball. If there is any justice he will be given a testimonial next year but needs to get back to something like his best form or next season could be his last.

16. Mark Davies Played 21 Scored 2 Yellow Cards 0 Red Cards 0 Rating 6.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 100% certain

Another one who has not had the best season with injuries, although that will happen when that great sulking lump Gallas puts his full weight on your ankle. He can produce the goods when in the mood but has found himself restricted to cameo appearances once Wilshere got the train from Euston. If Mr Vinegar gives the OK for Jack to come back then he may find himself frozen out again. Still worth a punt and Wilshere won`t be around for ever. May get itchy feet if he is kept out of the side for long periods though.

19. Gavin McCann Played 13 Scored 0 Yellow Cards 4 Red Cards 0 Rating 4.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 95% certain no

In a word, goodbye. Played one good game since his arrival. No, he really did. That he sums up the Megson era is not his fault, but he is plain and simple not good enough and probably never has been.

21. Tamir Cohen Played 32 Scored 3 Yellow Cards 7 (2 in one game) Red Cards 0 Rating 7.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 100% yes.

It`s a strange one this. Before the beginning of the season he was seen as little more than a squad player, then burst into life, linking up well with Chung-Yong and nabbing himself three goals. Then, he seemed to revert back to type, whilst keeping his place and at times made Matty Taylor look positively lively. He has signed a new contract, which shows that the manager rates him but he was one of those who made way for the loan signings, signalling that if something better comes along he will be little more than a sub.

27. Lee Chung-Yong Played 40 Scored 5 Yellow Cards 4 Red Cards 0 Rating 8.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 85% yes

All hail that transfer wheeler dealer Gary Megson. Say what you like, at times he did see a bargain when he saw one. Or two, if you include Cahill. Rightly awarded every player of the award that Bolton had going, he had probably secured them all by December. Actually seemed to be the only one who was enjoying his football under the former manager, but when Owen Coyle took over it seemed to move him to greater heights. After about six years of continuous football he did tire towards the end of the season but had done more than anybody, bar Jussi and the captain, to ensure another season in the Premier League. Is on the world stage this summer, which may be a concern and Liverpool are looking our way, but they haven`t got any money and their managers about to go back to his tapas bar, so we really shouldn`t worry.

32. Jack Wilshere Played 14 Scored 1 Yellow Cards 3 Red Cards 0 Rating 7.5
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 50/50

Thank God for Owen Coyle coming, otherwise Wilshere would have been loaned to North Dingleshire and they may have stayed up. Took his time to settle in, being brought on at the end of a couple of games and then being played on the left. But once he was put in his favoured position he showed the talent he is. Was prone to thinking that he was maybe too good, as was shown when his losing the ball at the edge of the Portsmouth area led directly to a Portsmouth goal in the penultimate home game. Could also be described as one footed, but the foot he has is better than most. He is a talent and needs to be nurtured. Hopefully Arsenal can see that it is worthwhile sending him north again.

40. Vladimir Weiss Played 13 Scored 0 Yellow Cards o Red Cards 0 Rating 7.0
Will he be at the Reebok next season: 25% yes.

Yes he is a talent. Yes he has the chance to be a great player. Yes, when he finally got his chance after LCY ran out of gas he created opportunities for the strikers. BUT when he didn`t get what he wanted he stamped his foot, screamed and screamed until he was sick like Violet Bott (one for the kids there) and still didn`t get in the team. Needs to learn that you earn a place, not get it because you throw a prissy. Still, if he returns he will be another year older and probably a World Cup to the better. Will still be behind LCY though.

10 Riga. I like Riga. I remember being at Fulham last year when the supporters were calling his name because another backs to the wall performance had put us two goals down. He came on, did nothing. It says something when a manager who prefers what Riga could bring to the team still doesn`t pick him. Played three times and gone.

23. Sean Davis. The biggest anticlimax of the season. I think we were all waiting to see what Davis would bring to the party, as well as confusion to the commentary box, and he goes and does his leg within three minutes of joining. Will be the archetypal “new signing” next season. If he can get back in the team.

25. Stuart Holden. Broke Sean Davis` record for getting injured immediately after joining. Looks like he has done enough to impress the manager and should be here next season, depending, of course, on whether he shines in South Africa.


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