Date: 14th January 2013 at 9:27pm
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Evening everyone. This all appears a bit monotonous. One step forward, two steps back. Repeat. After an encouraging performance against Sunderland last week, and all the optimism before the match, our play was a little flaccid. Yes, I`m going to use that word. Oi you, stop giggling at the back!

It wasn`t long before we were behind, with Zat Knight conceding what appeared to be the thousandth penalty this season. Andy Keogh gracefully knocked it home like he was Zidane or something. Would`ve looked a right mug if Bogdan had picked the right way. Later on in the first half, Chungy broke free in the Millwall box, but was then knocked down by former-Wanderer (and human tank) Danny Shittu. Up stepped Keith Andrews for his fourth of the season, all from the spot.

After that, it was all very boring. To be fair, it had been up to that point. Which I don`t mind, as long as we get three points (which we didn`t). We kept possession well, and looked the better side; yet unless you put the ball in the onion bag more than your opposition, it means very little. I`ve lost count of the games this season where we have dominated, yet failed to exploit it. At the end of season, we are going to count every single one of these as the reason we aren`t in the playoffs; I hope Freedman starts screaming at his squad after one of these results instead of championing them for their ‘effort`.

What is important to note is all the stuff that was going on off the pitch, namely the Millwall fans. From the things they chanted in the ground, to the way they left the ground, to the things they tweeted; they left an unsavoury and medieval taste in my mouth.

From the other side of the ground, I could here some of their fans chanting about Sordell, and was disgusted to see their approach to him every time he received the ball. And for what? Reporting racist abuse? What a scoundrel! I also heard chants aimed at Afobe, ones that I was naïve to think didn`t exist in modern British football. I have later come to hear of sickening chants aimed at Fabrice Muamba, and for what reason? Life and death is not in the remit of banter.

On the way to get the train, I couldn`t believe my eyes. I had never seen so many police; on foot, on horses, inside tactical aid units. Dogs! They had dogs! At first, I thought this all might be a bit of overkill, but I was wrong.

The two sets of fans were asked to enter the train station separately and through separate doors. As people crammed onto the matchday special, it appeared to me that the police didn`t seem to have planned for Bolton fans who didn`t live in Bolton. People like myself. As I watched them push against the line of officers between the gaps in the fence of Horwich Parkway, I was very scared as to what was about to be unleashed onto me and the rest of the platform.

We were ushered the front end of the train as it arrived, whilst the onrushing crowd moved towards the back. I feel very lucky to have not been stuck in a carriage with any of them. And it was only once I got off and was home that I felt safe. You shouldn`t have to feel like that when you go to the football. You should feel safe, and feel that any animosity between you and opposing fans is nothing more than a bit of overhyped competition. United fans wind me up, and I love getting one over Blackburn, but I wouldn`t wish what Millwall fans do to anyone. I won`t be planning a trip to The Den any time soon.

By the way, if you were looking for the stats and the poll for this game, I apologise that they aren`t up. It appears that I need to learn a couple of things in the editorial game, hopefully I`ll get this all sorted for the Sunderland replay.


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