Date: 5th February 2013 at 8:05pm
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A guest article from Skopelos Chris…..

Hello everyone, this article comes from Skopelos Chris, who tells us all to stay positive. Enjoy

In his post match analysis following the Watford defeat, Dougie Freedman provided some insight as to why all is not as bright as it should be at the Reebok. It’s partly due to us cynical lot thinking negative thoughts, and generally being unhelpful with our uninformed views.

People who understand the game should see that our new game plan is just a whisker away from all coming together, and it’s just a bit of bad luck that’s in the way of us climbing the table back towards the promised land. Now, of course we’ve been told about this sort of thing before by Messrs Megson and Gartside; so we should know by now, us handful of numpties who phone radio stations, us non-football people outside of the know to shut up just keep the faith.

What I suspect we never realised, was that even thinking negative thoughts would be causing damage to the club’s progress! Owen Coyle was clearly a man of great faith, and indeed unshakeable optimism. He assured us we would stay up. And get back up. So did the Chairman – or at least that to get back to the Prem first time around was an absolute necessity. Dougie’s faith seems to be more ethereal, urging us against those negative thoughts.

Still, they must be right. They are all professional football people who know what they’re doing, and how it all works. Which is nice to know. If only we’d all realise that everything’s ok, everything’s moving forwards and it really is just rub of the green; the odd decision, that little bit of bad luck that’s holding us back, and start thinking positive thoughts then the club could start moving forward.

They’ve been telling us this for ages now, and we’ve just kept on moaning about the endless positive spin from the professionals at the Reebok after every good solid performance that came to nothing because of all the bad luck, that dodgy decision or that one slip by a player who’d had an otherwise great game and cost us the match. Clearly if we just kept the faith, we’d soon be seeing amazing things like two wins on the trot or strikers who get double figures in a season. If only they’d told us earlier.

But we should have known – after all that’s what faith’s all about. No more negative posts now y’all hear!


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  • I visited my brother in London over the weekend, giving me the chance to see the Watford match live. Unfortunately. As such, I have a couple of points I feel I must raise.
    Firstly, Chris Eagles and Marvin Sordell were awful. They never ran off the ball to stretch the defence, or to move into space to receive the ball. Also, especially with Eagles, whenever the ball was passed to them, they weren’t ready to move forward, they were constantly on their heels and lost the ball more times than I can count because of this. When Eagles was rightly substituted, albeit too late to make any difference, many fans started hurling abuse at him. This prompted Chris Eagles’ sister and her friend, sat in the Bolton end, to start a fight with some of the more vociferous fans. Ridiculous.
    Secondly, from what I could see, Freedman got his tactics massively wrong. The way we defended, I imagine he told the defence to sit deep and narrow. Presumably, he did this because Watford don’t play with any wingers and to stop them from catching us on the counter. It didn’t work. The space on the wings allowed them to run at us with careless abandon, until the dismal Ricketts decided he would close them down. Then he would show them inside and let them run at our centre backs. Because they were so deep, they were practically in the box by now. All Vydra and Abdi had to do from then was use their considerable pace to turn the outrageously slow Knight and Ream and they were free. Because Watford were poor, they only scored twice. Despite our considerable possession, they could easily had more. And then Freedman has the disgusting temerity to say they played marvelously, and anybody who disagrees is an idiot. Listen, we had enough of this shtick from Coyle. Someone at the club needs to tell him to shut up and give us some results. Three points from relegation in the Championship is frighteningly bad. Sort it out.
    Penultimately, Lonergan needs to start. Confidence at the back starts with the goalkeeper, and for me, Bogdan radiates nervousness and I think that this affects the defence’s performance as well. Also, Lonergan is a better shot stopper and is slightly better at taking crosses.
    Ream played okay apart from falling on his arse for no reason for their first goal, although stupid mistakes like this need to be eradicated completely. Spearing and Vela played okay, but they are too defensive and inexperienced respectively to give us any impetus from the centre of the park. Hopefully this Medo Kamara and the returning Holden will give us this.
    Lastly, Pratley was epic, running the channels and keeping the ball all game, Craig Davies did well for the time he had on, stretching the defence and running into some dangerous areas in their box and De Ridder looked like Petrov Mark II, so my hopes aren’t particularly high but may give us more directness from the wings. He’s a very tricky player; he reminds me of Weiss in that he may do too many tricks, but is capable of unlocking defences sometimes.

  • I tried positive and it did make me feel better for a while but then I read post match reports saying that we should be ok and we won’t get relegated. Really!! well that’s alright then. Far be it from us to have an opinion. As you will know if you have read my rambling before I am very much against booing during games and at half time but I am afraid Mr Freedman if the results are not good enough then we the fans who pay our money and love the club have every right to complain. So instead of complaining about the people who pay your wages how about you try doing what we all see needs doing and send out an attacking team using some of the good players at your disposal. Yes I am a little cross.

  • Further to thingymajigs comments I think Pratley is fast becoming our best player and should not be dropped to allow others to play. He is getting better week on week. If others in the team put in his effort we would I feel be far better off.

  • Re: BoltonGav – “Further to thingymajigs comments I think Pratley is fast becoming our best player” . And you wonder why we are only three points from relegation to League 1. Surely things can’t get any worse mate.

  • I don’t see any other player who works so hard for us. He made the goal against Everton with his running off the ball and great pass to Sordell. He did the same time and time again in that match and caused them problems. He is a much better player than he gets credit for. But then the same could be said for Knight I don’t think I have ever seen a defender win and clear so many balls as he has this year but people choose to concentrate on the errors he makes. It is easier to find fault than celebrate the positive.

  • Knight and pratley hailed as star performers tells it all. They are both poor at best, but full marks for effort I’ll give you that!

  • I agree that the lad puts lots of effort in, but he is never Premiership quality, and most of the others are the same. I have been watching Bolton since 1977 and the defence is the weakest i have ever seen, they lack anticipation and are slow to react, they often watch the ball instead of picking up the other teams players, it really is Sunday League stuff at times. Add to this a midfield that is not putting enough effort in and hey presto there is only one direction we are heading.

  • Great comment from thingymajig. Nice to have a report from a fan who was there and tells it like it is.
    After Megson and Coyle you do have to wonder at the front of any Bolton manager telling us we don’t know what we’re talking about. First signs of writing on the wall for Freedman, but what about the real villain, Gartslides?

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