Date: 12th May 2012 at 9:51am
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Now. Or Never.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

Or close the division up with our relegated bodies

Next season there`ll be no Chelsea coming to The Reebok

Only Peterborough and Barnsley

So when the blast of the whistle blows in our ears

Then imitate that action of Wigan

Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood

Disguise fair nature with a hard SKD tackle

Then lend the eye an early goal;

Let one fly from the edge of the area over Sorensen`s head

Like a Jay Jay shot; then let us overwhelm them

So fearlessly that Shawcross whimpers

And he calls for his mummy from his confounded base

Swill`d with the crys of two thousand Trotters

Bogdan set your feet and stretch that header wide

Or hold hard the ball after bending every sinew

To your fullest height. On, on, you fighting Bolton

Whose history is fet from fathers of Burnden Park

Fathers that, like so many Nat Lofthouses

Have in these parts from first to final whistle fought

And rolled over Stoke before with lack of argument

Dishonour not your fans; now attest

That those who you have called supporters have not beget you.

Be copy now to those men of 2003

And show you can do it again. And you, good substitutes

Whose limbs were made all over the world, show us here

That you are worth your contracts; which I doubt not,

For there is none of you so rich and lazy

That hath not survival in your eyes.

I see you stand like your predecessors in the tunnel

Straining for the kick off. The game will be played with your feet:

Follow your spirit, and upon the whistle

Cry ‘God, for Owen, Bolton and Sir Nat!`


17 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers v Stoke City”

  • Now is the spring of our discontent
    Made glorious summer by these sons of Reebok
    Or – will false mutterings from yonder Coyle
    Make fools and idiots of us all?

  • Now is the spring of our discontent
    Made glorious summer by these sons of Reebok
    Or – will false mutterings from yonder Coyle
    Make fools and idiots of us all?

  • Good Old Owen at his antics once again, to take us down with his senile ways to the championship. Why keep a 4-4-2 at 2-1 up and bring on Ngog instead of consolidating the defence??? Why he is a manager if he is incapable of taking any tactical decisions is beyond me…

  • One thing, I might be wrong, and I apologise if I am. But that keeper Adam Bogdan is useless. Utterly useless, why doesn’t Jussi play as much or anymore? The worst players will always be the downfall of any team, and having one of yours as a keeper, when you have Jussi on the bench is madness. Maybe I am wrong.

  • Unlucky fellas, we (villa) should have gone because we have been awful. If the season were 40 games as opposed to 38, we’d have gone.

  • Bogdan has been playing pretty well as of late and was keeping Jussi out of the team. As for Jussi, he was pretty poor this season tbh.

  • taught u gudof stayed up ,,un lucky,, coyle is a gud manager just like us ye had ur up s and downs ….. VENKYS OUT

  • The biggest mistake, among so many made by Clitheroe and Gartside was letting our BEST goalkeeper go imho. The flapping Finn had proved that he had truly lost it last season and at the beginning of this season – therefore the great Ali Al Habsi should have been rewarded for his efforts to keep us up at the end of last season. “Everybody who knows about football” could see this except the two numpties in charge.

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