Date: 6th March 2013 at 8:04pm
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One nil. One moment. One incredible feeling.

I`ve been thinking about the goal all day. The relief, the euphoria, what it means for our season and for our confidence; it was as near to a perfect moment that the Reebok has seen. Sure, there have been great memories in the stadium over the last sixteen years. Beating Manchester United in 2007, beating Arsenal several times, playoff semis, the Carling Cup Semi-final against Aston Villa; all these have their place in recent history. There have been better games, there have been finer goals against finer teams, but nothing has felt better than that.

Thinking about the game and attempting to sieve through the cloud of excitement that surrounds my memory of it, I can now remember that on the whole, it was quite a frustrating match. We were dominant throughout the match, despite having much less of the ball in the first half (we edged it overall), and it was hard to see why we weren`t already far ahead. The performance of the majority of the team was excellent, and right up there with the rest of the wins in our little run. However, a couple players didn`t do anywhere near enough to warrant a start against Brighton on Saturday.

I`ll start with my first culprit, and I know this is going to be polarising. We all need to face the fact that Kevin Davies is not the player he once was. Mrs SKD, if for some strange reason you are reading our ‘vile` (in your words) blog, then please do not take this as a lack of respect for our captain, our leader and one of my heroes. Kevin never had the pace, but he fails to be able to make the runs that a team so geared towards a counter attack requires. It is clear that he was picked last night to counteract the strong, physical presence of the Blackburn team; but his ability to win the ball in the air and flick it on to a more technically gifted player, the skill that he has built entire Bolton Wanderers career on, is rapidly dwindling.

When he was replaced by Craig Davies, you could evidently see what we had been missing up front for the rest of the game; and it is no coincidence that we scored the winner after their defence had been stretched by pacier players. There are reports that he has not been offered a new contract, and I think this is the correct call, for both Kevin and Bolton. I just hope that our fans don`t turn on him before the end of season, and remember him for all the good times.

My second culprit is Medo. I think he had a very poor game. He didn`t seem to be able keep up with the pace of the game, or the attacking intent of his teammates. I`m not certain whether this is down to rust, or being new to the club, or more. His touch wasn`t great, and when he passed, he rather opted for a simple pass instead of a more penetrative one, or tried a more complex pass and lost possession. It`s only early days, and it didn`t cost us the points, so I`m willing to give him some time before making a decision on him. Ivan Campo is remembered as one of our finest players of the last twenty years, and I don`t think we rated him very much at the start.

The final player that I`m going to pick on is Andy Lonergan. I don`t think his performance was as bad as SKD`s or Medo`s, but it wasn`t great. He did make some very nice saves, but he is very uncertain at set-pieces, and commands the defence with the control level I have over my bladder after fifteen pints. I`m kidding, I have never wet myself when drunk. I think. I black out sometimes. Moving back onto the keeper, I think he had a solid-ish enough performance for a stand-in keeper, but I think he showed the people calling for him to be number one that Adam Bogdan has that role on merit.

Anyway, despite all that, we won!! I`m confident that we will make it five in a row at the weekend. It`s an exciting time to be a Bolton fan, and it was certainly nice to walk past all the Reds with sunken heads at work today with that victory feeling. Come on you Whites!


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  • I agree on the joy of that winning goal going in, as witnessed by my euphoric comment last night – the fact it came at the end of not just a frustrating game but after a long long frustrating load of disappointment. Not to say we are at the end, but that goal, delivering as it did four wins on the bounce for the first time in living memory felt a bit like a turning point. Re your view of the performances … I agree on SKD & CD, half agree on Medo though he’s getting up to speed and I think looks a quality act, but have to disagree on Lonnie Donergan. Thought he was masterful and had presence in the box plus some great saves. Yes he’s a bit old but Bogdan’s a work in progress( and admittedly not my favourite goalkeeper ). Thought Chungy looked a bit off the pace. Maybe stuff just wasn’t coming off for him though. Overall you’ve got to enjoy this moment in the winter sun though. Lets hope it’s up and onwards. COYWM

  • And on another subject entirely, how ungracious in defeat can Moanchester United get? Whatever you think about the current application of the laws of the game or of intent, going in for a challenge with feet that high in a European game was only going to end in one result. Plus, how shabby was all that haranguing of the ref at the end? Bah humbug !

  • It is rare that I find myself in agreement with you Al. but on SKD you are dead right, I said the same last night on here. I too am concerned that the man’s legacy at Bolton is further tarnished with every game. He has undoubtedly been a great servant to our club, in fact I can’t think of many club / player relationships which have been so good. Maybe Giggs and the whingey lot!! to be fair. But those days are gone and are not going to return. It is time for SKD to take a role as a coach, and have a testimonial which we will all attend and cheer him to the rafters. Lets be honest we all love Super John McGinley but do we want him starting at Brighton? Maybe an exaggeration but you get the point. So Dougie has to now do the decent thing and only play SKD from the bench. As you say he is and should remain a Bolton legend and I for one hate that I begrudged his presence on the pitch last night.

  • By the way to any lost Man U fans who happen to be reading our little site, try having to deal with the sh#te refs. we have had this season then come back when you know what bad refereeing really is.

  • Completely in agreement about SKD, proffessional/warrior/hero/legend. Said it before, it’s time he bowed out gracefully and with the respect he thoroughly deserves. I don’t want to see him heckled by the mindless Bolton boo boys as the curtain of a fantastic decade at our club closes. I think medo was lucky not get sent off initially. I put it down to being extremely kean to impress and perhaps a little over zealous with his challenges in the first half. His positioning was questionable at times too, I noticed him looking round unsure and being told a few times too. Gonna give him the benefit of the doubt though, he improved as the game went on and battled well successfully regaining possession on more than a few occasions. Bit worried that with the addition of medo, Holden wont get the game time needed to find form. it could be curtains for stu which would be a terrible shame and poor management on freedmans part. Thought Lonergan was solid. Great win still smiling. Missed that feeling!COYWM!

  • Yes a winning goal in the final seconds is one of the best feelings a Wanderers fan can get. More than double the satisfaction of a normal goal. I was surprised that Medo took a while to play his normal game yesterday. I have seen him 4 times now and he has always been pinpoint accurate from his first pass of the game. However he really improved and will be a huge asset in giving the forwrds some accurate service which has been lacking. I didn’t think Lonergan showed any nerves or shakyness last night and with the saves he made and the clean sheet should be rewarded with at least 2 more games on the trot.

  • I’ve just moved to Perth in Australia and have noticed a car with the Registration Plate MRS SKD.
    Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions but SKD would fit in well to the standard of football over here.

  • Medo was rubbish, too many risky passes with not enough end result. Can’t afford to give the ball away like that. SKD was missing the spring that used to be both in his step and his jump, he was beaten in the air almost every time. Stop tarnishing our memories of him please. Lonergan was good. Very good, in fact. Bogdan was dropped for the plethora of mistakes he’s been making recently. No point having command of the box if you throw the ball out to the opposing striker’s feet when you should have caught it…

  • Nice poll ! I assume e you saw that a Red supporter rang help ice to report a crime by the ref. Did any of or lads do similar ?

  • I will be most surprised if I am wrong about Medo, having, as I said, watched him closely on all his appearances for the reserves and the first team. He is the type of player who always seems to have an extra second to do what he wants with the ball and has a very accurate pass, normally from his first touch. Forgive him the first 10-15 mins on Tuesday and watch him closely next start.

  • I too think medo will be a good acquisition. There were some lovely touches and lay offs among the poor bits. The poor play became fewer and further apart as he settled into the game. I say give him a chance. As for the Lonergan/ Bogdan debate why can’t we look at it as having two decent keepers battling for the position. Neither of them are perfect but both are very good. I was in the camp that was disgusted with al habsi leaving to join Wigan and I will always think it was an error. However I think we need to look forward and be glad of the players we have. So I don’t really care which of them plays, I am more concerned about the sharp end and Craig Davies starting each game now next to Ngog.

  • reflecting on the comments expressed throughout this season its quite clear nothing ever stands still, be it success or failure, delight or despair, we just dont know the guise it will take. I always hope for the best but often fear the worst, the most nervous moments of my life are when the team has a live match on TV, I generally cannot bear to sit and watch. Really delighted for my fellow fans that you have had some great moments and feelings of late with our recent victories, I think your loyalty deserves something this season, regardless of where the team ends up.

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