Date: 10th July 2012 at 9:38am
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Oriol Romeu…

Morning from a soggy Galway as the rain follows me round the Emerald Isle like a bad smell.

I don`t think there is any need to give my comments on the Zat Knight deal as I`ve said all that I can say, and Al pretty much summed it up yesterday. Sitting in the pub yesterday, I told an old Irish guy with no teeth and a massive beard that Knight had re signed and he fell about laughing. The barman told me it was the first time that he had laughed in eighteen years.

Just a couple of things today. First off, the possible loan of Oriol Romeu from Chelsea as part of the deal that took Gary Cahill the other way. It does seem strange that a player who was used a lot by Chelsea last season would be available on loan, but he didn`t really appear much once Bobby D replaced AVB, so the Chelsea management probably wouldn`t have too much of a problem letting him go for the season. Obviously, the major stumbling block is whether or not the player himself would want to step down to the Championship. It`s not like he needs to move immediately and could fight for a place in their central midfield, Chelsea having a number of players in that position who are either getting on or injury prone.

Naturally, he would be a fantastic signing if we can get our hands on him. But the question remains as to where another central midfielder would fit into the team alongside Holden, Mavies, Eagles and Andrews, not to mention Josh Vela. Is it really in central midfield that we need another player, no matter the potential that they have when it is obvious that it is the forward line and central defence that still require strengthening? Whilst Romeu can play in central defence, it isn`t his natural position. And while this will make him a better fit than Zat Knight, it won`t be the most perfect solution. To my mind, it is better to ask Chelsea for someone that we actually need.

Now, on Saturday I mentioned the whoring of Mark Davies, in an almost like for like copy of the Gary Cahill non transfer from last summer. Now, whilst some feel that the selling of Mavies is the way to go, it still doesn`t sit right that our manager is making it known that he is not available, making him automatically available. I understand that people are going to ask him questions about our higher profile players, but a simple “no” would suffice, rather than the elongated sentence that he came out with last week to “dissuade” clubs from coming in for players. This may also have the knock on effect of clubs not coming in from Davies but for Holden or Lee, which, despite their injury problems, would be a bigger loss than the former Wolves player.

Right, apologies for the articles being short at the moment, but Mrs X is only giving me thirty minutes to write them. We are on holiday you know. So, another missive, this time from rainy Limerick, on Wednesday.

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