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McCarthy is the favourite, Solskjær the popular choice. So, who will be the next with their name on the door at Euxton. Before they sell it.

Morning. Sorry about there being nothing on here yesterday, but I only got a message from Al that he was on his way to the hospital (hopefully, nothing as bad as last time which kept him out of action for weeks) whilst I was in bed yesterday afternoon. I’d like to say that I was in bed due to a fantastic, boozed fuelled night on Tuesday. However, it was nothing of the sort. I was transitioning to a night shift (we call in transitioning in my game) and I had to catch some zeds. So, between us, nothing got done. However, don’t think that things weren’t going on behind the scenes, a bit like the club on Monday.

Oh, the photo at the top is Sandy Stewart. We never had the chance to use it, so thought we would now. It will probably never be used again.

There are a lot of names being bandied around as successors to Owen Coyle. Some credible, some faintly ridiculous, some so ridiculous you fear for people’s sanity. People are already distancing themselves from the job and I would like to take this opportunity to do so myself. The club are likely to be sifting through some ‘football manager’ applications and sneering at those who have taken Hyde United to three consecutive Champions League triumphs. Which is harsh.

On the poll to the right, we have asked, as most other BWFC sites have, who you think should be the next manager. The answer seems clear, with the supposed favourite for the job down in third place. I can only hope that those wags who regularly vote for Dazza Prazza as man of the match haven’t hijacked it again.

So, let’s look at some of the more credible names that have been suggested so far:

Alan Curbishley is a man whose name comes up every time a job in the top two divisions comes up. He hasn’tt had a job since 2008, preferring instead to tell Kirsty Gallagher what he thinks of things on Sky Sports News. Curbishley has already told the press that he doesn’t want the job, which is good news as I doubt he has any real idea where Bolton is and gets a nose bleed if he ventures any further north than the M25. He would probably do a good enough job if he came to Bolton, but would jump ship as soon as London Orient move into the Olympic Stadium.

Roy Keane did a job with some money behind him at Sunderland but didn’t do anything once promoted and then showed himself up as yet another in the long line of Fergie failures at Ipswich. There are some who would prefer Robbie Keane rather than Roy, but Bolton’s pre eminent boxer and all round king of bling Amir Khan said on TalkSport on Monday night that he would like the moody Irishman as the manager. The only thing that this suggests is that Amir has taken a few more blows to the head than we have given him credit for.

I was a big supporter of Phil Brown before Big Sam took over and was disapppointed when he didn’t get the job, which tells you what I know. Despite his slight success at keeping Hull in the Premier League for a season, he has been pretty appalling anywhere else. A good number two, just like Little Sam, but he has had his chance at the top job and has been found wanting. Plus, he may start singing in the centre circle, and that’s Lofty the Lion’s job.

Mick McCarthy is favourite and for a reason. Has taken two clubs into the Premier League and the second time kept them there, at least for a while. His dourness may be seen as a reason why some don’t want him, and I agree that listening to that voice day in day out would drive you potty. But, his credentials in the Championship speak for themself, and there are always subtitles.

Paolo Di Canio would be a left field choice and would bring the political spectrum to bear on T’Reebok, due to his somewhat right wing views. There is no denying that he has done a good job at Swindon and probably won’t be hanging around League One for the rest of his managerial career. He will be appointed by someone sooner or later and there is the old argument that football and politics shouldn’t meet. However, some have said that if he is appointed, then they would stop going to T’Reebok and for a club so entrenched in the working classes it probably wouldn’t be the right appointment.

Eddie Howe is, apparently, on his way back to Bournemouth. But if Big Phil did stop him on his way along the M61 and offered him the job, it may just be worth as our ‘friends’ in the north get all fourteen digits out to come up with a new biblical name for another ex manager who has gone to Bolton. Not that it has a cat in hells chance of happening.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the winner in the poll for next manager, and it easy to see why. He stayed at United after retirement and learnt at the knee of, pains me though it does to say it, one of the greatest managers the game has ever seen. Whilst other former players of Fergie have bombed managerially, Mark Hughes is the highest placed in the league at QPR and many have fallen by the wayside, the baby faced assassin first coached the strikers at Old Trafford, then moved into coaching and won the two local cups before moving back to Norway and immediately won the league. Whilst he has moved his family back to Norway, and turned down the Villa job because of this, you cannot believe that he will stay there permanently. He knows the north west and, whilst Bolton may be a springboard to a bigger club, United even, he certainly has the right credentials to move the club along. And he’s my choice. Tell Garty.

There are other names being mentioned, mostly ex players like Hierro, Campo and McGinlay whilst SKD has also been spoken of, if only by about three people. If they are available I would invite some onto the coaching staff. The success that David Lee and Tony Kelly have brought to the juniors shows the good that former players can do when you bring them onto the staff. None of them, however, should be considered for the top job. Eventually, maybe. But not now.

Right, it is early morning and I still have four hours of work left. You get the feeling it’s going to be a busy few days so we’ll be back later with some more. Bonne nuit.


9 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: Who’s Next?”

  • my heart says Ole but my head says McCarthy. I am almost more interested in backroom staff that come with the manager that is selected, especially the defence coach.

  • Liverpool are a good example of the pitfalls associated with appointing a manager who ticks all the right popular boxes with the supporters, yet fails to deliver results on the pitch. Unlike individual players who can be discarded for not meeting expectations with limited damage to the team , a failing manager if given the time scope and freedom, can burden a club with a squad littered with poor players, widespread team damage on that scale is not resolved in one season, it could take years. I fear this is the legacy Coyle has left behind him, most of the current first team players are far less capable than the players in the team when Coyle first arrived. Whoever gets the job will take over the squad Coyle assembled, the potential for early success remains subject to the managers ability and the abilities of the players themselves. We must hope new management will extract greater levels of performance from these players than Coyle ever achieved, it remains to be seen if the players have it in them to lift their game and rise to the challenge ahead. Liverpool failed under Dalglish and brought in Rodgers on the back of his achievements at Swansea, we face a similar scenario and probably need a similar manager.

  • rafew- That was exactly my feeling too. So now our head has been ruled out… Just laughed at a tweet saying ‘I’d be glad if we appointed Mike Appleton. Young manager who’s loyal to Portsmouth.’ Hmmm don’t think they thought that tweet through.

  • Agree with Mr X’s comments on the runners & riders. Solskjaer seems like a good shout, Big Mick has now been ruled out (according to TBN) and SideShow Bob rules himself in (add him to the poll). I for one think Campo will prove to be a successful manager one day but certainly not yet, so for now get i’d get him on board in a coaching role if possible. Most of the others are tried, tested & failed or generally untried. Just depends on which option PG & Mr Davies prefer. I’ll reserve my judgement tho for now.

  • Solskjær is the only sensible choice for me. If McLeish gets the job I’ll stop going, I just think he’s a t**t. Wouldn’t mind Michael Appleton if Solskjær won’t come.

  • Right, since the BEN got it wrong over OC going, I reckon they have it wrong over our next manager. Our next manager is Mick McCarthy. It would be brilliant to have youth / left field folk as manager(s) such as Appleton, Hill, Robinson, Hierro, Campo, Di Canio, Guardiola, etc. But we need one thing and that is a manager who can get us out of this division and do it this season. The man with a record of being able to supply that is MMc. Get us in the PL, give him some dosh. Gotta be better than last few years. I just want somebody to stick his DM’s up the rear of our squad and make them respect Bolton Wanderers and view it as a bloody privilege to play for them like I do. And I reckon MMc would do that.

  • Must correct that….obviously I don’t play for Bolton Wanderers! I am a 53 year old teacher. But then again Pratley plays, Blake got a contract, I am a sports coach……hmmmmm……sending CV!

  • Well Fred, u got OC’s sacking spot-on on Monday, so I’ll take ur word ova TBN, Big Mick was also spotted apparently at the Whites Hotel on Monday, so you may be right….unless ur CV shines on PG’s desk!!!

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