Date: 16th January 2013 at 8:39pm
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We won 0-2, and many good things happened. Really?

What a great evening last night was. Winning away, a clean sheet, Sordell`s long-awaited arrival as a fully fledged member of the Bolton squad, Vela`s start, Holden`s long awaited return to first team action?So much WOW in such a short space of time.

I didn`t get to the game (which I think puts me in with about 99.98% of all Bolton fans), so before I can comment on the events of the match, I`ll have to wait for the inevitable ninety seconds of coverage we will get from the third channel on our television planners. So, less match report, more analysis of what this mean for us moving forward.

Please bear with me here, I`m not used to writing positively about our football club.

This could be the start of our season, eventually. I know that`s a statement filled with cliché, but I`m hardly being Jamie Redknapp about this. It actually could be. If I am entertaining all these optimistic thoughts, I best think about the impact that a certain Aberdeen-born Texan could provide to our remaining games.

Stuart Holden is everything to Bolton Wanderers. Two seasons ago, he turned us from a struggling side to one that challenged at the right end of the table. If Jonny Evans knew how to tackle, we`d have qualified for Europe that season and would have got to the cup final. Without him, we went down, and have struggled to put together anything that resembles a promotion push.

If he can get back to his best (and from the bit I saw in the reserve match, I think he can), he will lead us back to the promised land. Most likely not at the first time of asking, but next season. He is one of the most exciting, committed and top-quality players we have had at the club in a long time. There`s the little kid in the back of my mind telling me that he could help us reach the playoffs this year. It`s naïve to think it, but I`d rather encourage thinking like that, instead of the pessimism that fills my head whenever I usually think of Bolton.

It`s very exciting to see Josh Vela start a game too. He has been built up by so many, but I`m hoping that`s because he`s actually very good. I`ve only seen bits, and I`ve liked what I`ve seen. I would love to see another local lad become a first team regular, especially one with so much promise.

And Marvin. A brace from the young forward means he`s finally started to do his talking on the pitch. Watford fans seemed to love him, and for so long it appeared a mystery why. If he can start to bang them in on a regular basis, I`ll realise. Really chuffed for him, just hope he stays off Twitter.

So that`s about it. I`ll stick the poll up soon, and if I can see anything in that feeble coverage, I`ll discuss it with you tomorrow.


13 Replies to “Bolton Wanderers: Winning?”

  • I seem to recall a great man once wrote “positivity breeds positivity” I think we will see a continued improvement now as the footballing gods may have realised that we suffered enough. There will undoubtedly be hiccups but I really believe that this is indeed the beginning. So raise your voices and let it be known the whites are back and you should be afraid as the reebok is our home and you will take nothing but your memories home of a great day watching a our team destroy yours as we are having all the points.

  • Great win and at last we are able to be really positive. Hopefully we can go on a bit of a run as this should give the lads a great deal of confidence. Load of us getting tickets for the Everton match and can’t wait.

  • everyone should keep their feet on the ground, as said previous, one swallow not a summer it maketh, and our backword / forward steps has us down as favourities on next winters strictly dancing cometh, however, whether we are coming or going any premiership scalp is good medicine after some prior shocking defeats against poor teams. sincerely hope I am not saying Saturday evening – told you so, honestly a result this Saturday would mean a great deal more than the other night – reason – when your up to your neck in crocs, dont forget the objective is to drain the swamp.

  • As I said there will be hiccups but we should stick with the boys give them some real belief which has been missing for about 2 years. As much as its down to them to lift the crowd its down to us to lift them too. After all it matters more to us as we will still be supporting the whites long after they have hung up their boots. As for tomorrow if df can’t get them up for it and come away with the win he never will. I reckon 1-3 tomorrow with Sordell and the ever improving pratley to score. Theirs will obviously be a penalty.

  • Dear Robmoss if you would like to go to Wembley I can get you travel directions, sure Fred will join you once his schoolwork is completed. Think tomorrow has a draw written all over it, a win seems over optimistic and a defeat means back to square 1. Cannot see why Newcastle would look at N’Gog, well they might look but nothing else, I look at the walls sometimes.

  • I still shudder at the memory of last Wembley visit. Worst ever footballing experience. But…maybe as the Vital community is tentatively decreeing a corner not being turned as much as being approached with extreme caution due to the weather conditions with a view to a slight lateral change of direction I may be up for areturn visit.

  • Would love to see us go for it tomorrow and for DF to have a Damascene conversion to attacking football. Is it worse to lose 7-6 than 1-0? Or risk winning 7-0? Or, I suppose, losing 7-0. Am I making sense? Probably not…I rarely do…ask my kids! Was discussing palindromes with Year 1 yesterday. I am officially bonkers. Need to be kept out of classrooms and in the playground with some cones and a bag of balls. Now where is that box of frogs? Did somebody mention Neil Whatmore?

  • I was there when we lost the League Cup Final 2-1 to Liverpool in 1995. I was there again when we beat Reading 4-3 in the play-off final the same year. I was there when we lost the play-off final 2-0 to Watford in 1999. I was there when we lost the FA Cup Semi-Final 4-1 on penalties to Aston Villa after Deano’s Miss. I was at the Millennium Stadium to see us beat Preston 3-0 in the play-off final in 2001, and again to see us lose 2-1 in the League Cup Final to Middlesbrough. Then, in late 2009, for some reason, probably Megson-related, I had this weird idea in my head that I’d probably not get to see Bolton at Wembley for a very long time, so I booked myself a couple of tickets to go and see the San Francisco 49ers play the Denver Broncos in October 2010 (you have to book a long time in advance for those games). And what happened? We were back at Wembley less than a year later. We go there a lot. Seven BWFC-related visits to the country’s largest football venue in the past 18 years is a pretty good effort – most people don’t get that unless they’re glory supporters. I think even Arsenal have only been once since the start of the 2005/6 season. Dare to dream, even if it’s just a little bit.

  • I predicted a draw but when you stop the homeside from scoring you are well placed to win, Again our blunt attack has cost us – Why persevere with SKD and Pratley when we have faster more proven forwards resigned to the subs bench. We cannot afford to fail to score in any more games, I am sick of talking about the number of points we have missed by virtue of a single goal a game – hence the reason why we sit near the bottom. Today we have witnessed another nail in our coffin, look at Leicester last night, one goal = 3 points, it says it all.

  • On this occasion my aussie friend you were right about the result and line up although I would rather pratley to spearing at the moment. However with Holden and Vela then mavies all about to rejoin the fray I think our midfield will look a little different going forward. Unless like the forwards dg decides not to risk them!!! I mean what is he saving them for? We need goals now not next week.

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