Date: 8th March 2012 at 3:42pm
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adlington2 comes out of retirement to take us Back to the Future.

I know Big Sam has possibly the most unghostly body you could imagine. Not exactly skeleton-like, but it’s his mental not physical presence I have in mind.

Have you noticed the Bolton old boys he has added to his squad at West Ham? Nolan, Taylor, O’Brien, Vaz Te, and Faye. I wouldn’t be surprised if he went for a couple more. He has always been a big admirer of Jussi for example. If the worst happens, West Ham will pass us on the way up and no one would be surprised if he allowed himself a laugh at Gartside’s expense.

The thing is, he is rebuilding West Ham with not much cash. Very quickly, after they slipped a long way under various managers. Of course the Ginger Whinger, now tending his garden again, must take some blame for the state we’re in and the players he let go. But there is another point. Sam is getting the most out of players who didn’t have much of a future before they arrived at West Ham. For example, Vaz Te scored a vital goal the other night.

This is where the comparison with Coyle is most telling. There is a lack of spirit, determination, even ambition in our play that is the most worrying feature right now. That’s what will do for us if we go down. He isn’t getting the best out of his players and that is the most damming thing you can say about a manager.

Going by the team he put out last week, his thinking is weird too.

If Coyle doesn’t get it right on Saturday there will be ghostly laughter mixed in with the deserved boos. However, if we stay up we may see him again at the Reebok. He’ll be the one not wearing stupid shorts.


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