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Bolton Won’t Be Handed Relegation Reprieve


It looks pretty much certain that Bolton will be relegated to League Two, regardless of whether the current season resumes or not.

The EFL have released a statement narrowing down the options on how to resolve the season, which has been on hiatus due to the pandemic which you may have heard about.

The first option is to continue the season when possible, as could well happen in the Championship. This is less likelier in League One, where opinion is more split, while in League Two an indicative vote was taken last week to finish the season.

If a league cannot be completed, then it will be decided on an unweighted points-per-game basis. There were originally thoughts that the PPG system could be weighted to balance out the fact some teams may have played more or fewer home games, but it will simply be a case of dividing the points total by the number of games played. Relegation and promotion, plus playoffs if feasible, will all still happen. To curtail a league, a simple majority of clubs in that division will need to vote for it – basically 12 clubs in the case of League One.

This will need Wanderers to restart the season and hit a miraculous run of form to have any hope of playing in League One next season, which basically, isn’t going to happen.

The club have diplomatic in their stance on the issue, saying they would play on if told by the EFL. But with a mixture of health concerns and financial viability of getting back under way at this level, it’s hard to see that happening.

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