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Bolton’s New Era Starts With Trip To Gillingham


Now ‘it az bin dun’ – we can start looking forward to games again, and only games of football. Rather than worrying if the game gets called off, we can wonder which players get the nod, moan about tactics, the quality of the away end, and all that stuff.

The first trip of this new era is a long one, Bolton travel all the way to Gillingham, the first time we have played them since a 4-0 win in March 2017. There will still be ramifications from what we’ve had to go through however. Away fans are having to pay on the gate, presumably as the Gills weren’t sure we’d even have a club making the journey down tomorrow. The team we put out will still be largely full of kids. At the time of writing, nobody new has been unveiled, although in theory there should be no reason Jack Hobbs can’t be registered to play, while we were also looking to get a few more bodies in.

Gillingham are yet to win at home this season, now under the guidance of former Bolton trainee Steve Evans. They have made signings, with Olly Lee joining on loan from Hearts their most recent.

I’ll be realistic or pessimistic, depending on what you think, and reckon a defeat tomorrow. This will be a slow rebuild, and just because we’re finally under new ownership won’t mean everything will suddenly change. But Jimmy Phillips’ comments about a much better feel around the place is a good start. Now begins the long road to recovery.

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