Date: 12th August 2013 at 9:06pm
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Dougie didn’t start the chant to bring Craig Dawson back to the Reebok… but could he finish it off?

On the 2nd August this year, a rumbling was happening in the West Midlands that could be sensed up the M6 in Bolton. Although nothing to do with the Reebok club, the tremors- only feint- still managed to shake and be felt under the feet of Whites` supporters.

A deal and a handshake were taking place between a 32-year-old centre-back, from PSG and the boss of the Baggies, resulting in a two-year contract being struck and signed. Uruguayan defender, Diego Lugano put pen to paper in the presence of West Bromwich Albion manager, Steve Clarke and Diego`s new club was confirmed.
To every other supporter, apart from West Brom`s, this was just another transfer, amongst many, happening in the summer window. In fact, I suspect the defender`s switch from France to England went unnoticed by many football followers. But in Bolton, the recruitment of Lugano was raising eyebrows, suspicion but most of all, optimism.

Wanderers` fans were asking: where does the signing of Diego Lugana leave Craig Dawson?

Craig Dawson wasn`t available for the Whites` final game of the season last term and we all know the outcome. Dawson`s inclusion in that game may not have guaranteed the Wanderers` place in the play-offs, but I`m sure, had the young defender been in the starting line-up, Blackpool wouldn`t have enjoyed the comfort of a two goal lead. Steve Clarke`s clause in loaning the talented centre-back to the Reebok was to bring him back to the Hawthorns to compete for a starting place in the final games of the Premiership season.

He was hardly given a sniff.

Now, with Lugano in the mix- who I`m sure didn`t swap Paris to sit on the bench- Dawson finds himself even further down the pecking order. The under-21 England International is craving a first-team spot at the Hawthorns, but with chances for playing time now even sparser, I`m sure Dougie is waiting in the wings to pounce.

Fans sang for the re-recruitment of Craig Dawson during the home-clash with Reading. Dougie joked that he didn`t start the chanting, but definitely joined in. If Freedman does get Dawson back at the Reebok, this chanting lark seems to be working.

I`ve not heard the chant to bring Coyle back, have you?


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