Date: 30th October 2013 at 5:43pm
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Only a storm should have you shutting up shop

Still chuckling at the ‘Posh Womble` name assigned to our former frivolous manager, I read something which slowly dissolved my smile.

If watching the current Bolton side wasn`t painful enough, Dougie Freedman has vowed to ‘shut-up-shop` as soon as the Whites take a lead. To start with, who`s to say we will take the lead? If we don`t, then what`s the plan?
Plus, isn`t it folly for a manager to disclose tactical ambition before the game, especially to the media? I mean, a lot of managers don`t even like announcing who will be in the starting-11 before Saturday rolls around. I`m sure some managers would even prefer to keep their whole identity secret until an hour before kick-off? Surprise, today, Bolton Wanderers, you will be playing?

Secondly, what I`ve experienced, especially this season, Bolton have conceded the lead, not because of tactical deficiencies, but because they deserve to concede the lead. On more than one occasion, they`ve been lucky to take the lead, nevermind being unlucky to lose it.

Dougie was accused of being too negative in his approach even before he took over at the Reebok, but now he appears willing to risk further criticism as he searches for a winning formula.

Try this tactic, Dougie: Formulate a plan to score more than one goal. Who knows, we may then win games and be entertaining doing it. Football is a spectator sport, after all.


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