Date: 12th November 2015 at 8:38pm
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So you`ll have probably heard about all this exciting takeover talk- the story was first broke by Lion of Vienna Suite who first reported that they received claims that a former Wanderer was involved in a consortium in talks to takeover the club and the story has developed to that former Wanderer being Dean Holdsworth with Sam Allardyce also involved and Phil Brown to take over as manager. Do read the original story in the hyperlink!

Many read this at the time and thought that it was absolute rubbish. However, they have called news before it has come to surface before and other journalists such as The Bolton News` Marc Iles (friend of the site) and the famous Alan Nixon have also acknowledged that there is truth in this. To add to that, Dean Holdsworth did resign from his post as Brentwood Town Manager to pursue other business interests and we do know that he is a business consultant at Sports Shield Consultancy who are in talks with the club.

While I can`t give you any insider knowledge into this (because I don`t have any!) I must say that this is all rather exciting. Three popular figures coming back to help the club they love when we need it the most- isn`t this great!

A lot of money is needed, though and I do have huge doubts over whether there will be enough money available as it is also claimed that the clubs highest earners will be sold in January so, if this consortium does have enough money to get us going again, you`d think we`d be able to hold onto them. That said though, with the quality in our side I would sell most people to rebuild anyway. It could be a case of just needing short term funding, but I honestly have no idea.

The ‘asking price` for the club is a reported £30 million but it is quite widely regarded that Eddie Davies would be willing to listen to considerably lower offers, such is his desire to offload the club.

I think Phil Brown would be a good manager for us, and now maybe would be the right time however I`m not sure I`d want to lose Neil Lennon. If you asked me this three months ago, I`d definitely want to keep him but I`m slowly starting to question his thought process and I do think he makes rash, erratic decisions at times and they have cost us.

When I first read about the story I thought it was Dean Holden, another former Wanderer, who is actually the cousin of Vital Bolton`s very own Tom Bevington (expect an interview from him soon!). However, for those who don`t know Dean Holdsworth was a one time record signing for Bolton who played for us during the early years of the millennium and cost us £3.5 million.

Just try to take that all in though, Sam Allardyce involved at an executive level, Phil Brown as manager and Dean Holdsworth leading the purchase of the club. Imagine seeing Jay-Jay Okocha or Mark Fish as our club`s African Ambassador, and Kevin Davies as first team coach and Nicolas Anelka as assistant manager. How about Youri Djourkaeff and Sammy Lee working with the academy boys underneath Fernando Hierro as our fancy ‘Head of Youth Development`. We could have the likes of Andy Todd and Ricardo Gardner get involved with the scouting and Gerald Cid as the club`s special French chef. Of course, Ivan Campo would be our ‘Director of Football`.

It really is tough not to get your thoughts up about this kind`ve thing- this would be truly remarkable. It`s like those movies when the retires superheroes come back to save the day (if such films exist). However, I`m not totally convinced that they will have the necessary funds to pull this off, but who am I to come to such conclusions.

Let`s just hope. We`ve waited long enough for some good luck!


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