Date: 9th September 2013 at 3:38pm
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My reserved optimism surrounding our beloved Mavies

I don`t claim to be psychic or be able to detect energy shifts or patterns, but I`m sensing our supporters are feeling the Wanderers` season has already gone flat.

The positivity generated from pre-season hype, surrounding the new campaign, I feel has already been zapped? and we`re only just into September.

I`ve been trawling the ‘net to try and find some rays of light to brighten Wanderers` fans days, but it`s not only quiet, it`s barren.

The little morsel of hope I did find, however, sounds good on paper, but soon loses its zest.
News out of the Reebok has indicated, Wanderers could have midfielder Mark Davies back in action by the end of this year.
Around six months on the sidelines with a ruptured cruciate ligament the 25-year-old is now in the final leg of his rehabilitation. His physical work is gradually being increased at Euxton and he’s also joined his team-mates on the field.
Initial fears indicated the attacking-midfielder could be absent until early 2014. But the club are now cautiously optimistic the ex-Wolves star can return before the halfway point in the campaign.

Although this story seems devoid of any negativity, after learning of Davies` ahead-of-schedule return, my smile soon turned upside-down. Yes, Davies will probably be ready for selection when January arrives, but with frozen pitches a-plenty around at that time, Davies will be held back until the warmer weather brings the softer soil. Add to that Dougie`s cautious approach to? well everything, really, you`re looking at Mavies gracing a league game around the end of February early March. That`s if he`s lucky and comes through the next few months unscathed.

So, unless you feel I`ve got it wrong, it`s as you were?


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  • I’m afraid you are correct in your assumption that Davies won’t be back anytime soon. Past experience shows that Dougie and his staff don’t take chances with injured players. It’s frustrating, but probably the right path to take. Having said that, where does it put Holden and his long-awaited return? Will he be ready for the start of next season?

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