Date: 23rd August 2015 at 10:07pm
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The second instalment of the Chris Le Friec column

We all know the news: Ream sold, Revelations of our finances, loss to Mk Dons and a very late draw with Forest

Let us try to take the tongue in cheek serious and positive out of things even if some of it is laughable to the point you cry! At this point myself this is the cue to open YouTube and watch Holden`s goal vs Blackburn or any compilation from Okocha or our legion of Champions league winning former players. Anyway back to reality?

NL has opted to stick the boot in! The wellie boot that is. The arrival of Wellington Silva could mean the end of Feeney. This is well overdue in my honest opinion, and it could bring that final ball we are looking for. Or at least help!

MK Dons- Away

“Tee to green we are very very good.” These were NL choice words post match. Heisn`t wrong. But if you`re talking golf then you cannot win Majors (let alone a game of football) without hitting the odd birdie and perhaps an eagle.

Having repeatedly watched the highlights you can`t fault the effort, pressure and chance creation.

Clough continued his mazy runs, and you feel he could do something specular at any given moment, sometimes I think the ball is glued to his feet.

Madine continues to win everything in the air. His goal will come as will Clough`s.

It`s difficult when you see shot after shot saved to get disenchanted. I tell myself to imagine if the shots weren`t testing the goalkeeper? Or ending up outside the stadium, thankfully the slight positive is that they are on target!

Now the Mk Dons goal.

Did he slip? NL mentioned he could have miss-controlled. Either I think it was a matter of time before Lawrie Wilson was going to get beaten that evening. Nothing against the lad, I rate him considerably. He is strong defensively and gets up the pitch. But that lad against had terrific pace.

Just another slice of bad luck pie of which I have eaten enough. Let`s hope that bad luck pie is on the menu when DF returns for the first time with his Forest side on Saturday and we get the cream soon or at least a goal.

Can we see the forest for the trees? What happened in the ‘Dougie Derby”

The Hoodoo is over! We scored.

Agreeing with Lennon, I feel it was two points dropped. Again we dominated in a game and missed a hat full of chances.

I think it’s fair to say that when I saw the penalty was missed I thought ‘here we go again’ .

Then Forest score.

The display from after going one nil down showed me the character of the squad and determination. We could have flopped and conceded again but we stayed at it. Moxey and Wilson grew as the game went on along, as did Madine a tribute to him after missing such a casual penalty (I think if he had it again he would have just smashed it!)

Silva didn’t disappoint he was every inch the Arsene Wenger type player! Can’t wait for a couple of weeks training under his belt with the squad. I fully expect a big season from him.

Another solid display, lots of chances created and fans behind the boys which is great to see.

I received a text from my Swansea fan mate just after full time. All it said was ‘told you’

He was talking about Dobbie- the guy who scores goals in the Championship.


I feel moving through his season that he will be a big impact player for us. Dare we dream that Dobbie could recreate his good luck charm reputation?

Swansea, Blackpool, Palace have all benefited and gained promotion whilst he was with them!

Maybe I`ll get some sleep now!

Roll on a visit to Ewood Park on Friday.

The usual £10 bet between my Rovers frenemy stands and we shall be watching together in the corner of our local in Guernsey.

I may give him the draw! Perhaps slight over confidence having only scored one goal! But then remember wanderers.

He scores when he wants….Heskey.


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