Date: 24th November 2014 at 5:29pm
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A post from Barney Grumble- Back To The Future

They say that you can`t go back to the scene of your greatest successes and repeat them again, particularly in sport. Quite possibly true. But, there`s half a chance that you can go back to the home of former glories and make a jolly good fist of it, second time around!

How?……Pure and simple. By being single-minded and self-motivated!

Judy Murray said of her son recently, after a number of losses, that you may lose condition and fitness through illness or surgery, but talented sportsmen and women don`t lose their God-given talent, just like that! Give them time and space to mend and improve fitness levels and they`ll be back, in some cases as good as new! She had a point.

Eidur Gudjohnsen is a talented footballer with his head screwed on – no question. He has proved it over many years. But for whatever reason, he has slid down the rankings, from the dizzy heights of Chelsea and Barcelona, to having latterly been shown the door from the lowly Belgian league. He could easily have become disillusioned, called it a day at thirty-six and hung up his boots. No one would have blamed him.

But significantly, he didn`t!…..He decided to fight on. That spirit inside him wouldn`t let go. That determination to give it another go at a high level and maybe even appear on the international stage again, has spurred him on. And he and Gudni have chosen Bolton as the club to give him that chance. I for one am delighted! Surely, he hasn`t come this far, not to be given a contract!

Look at the positives. Just having him sitting next to you in the dressing room, or training and practicing with you on the field must be a motivating factor. How must the likes of Vela and Clayton be lapping up the experience of watching and learning from his every move, never mind hearing about life in football`s fast-lane. Even old man Lonegan, says he is excited by it. I say that`s a real plus for Bolton! A brilliant X factor! We all love a star, but particularly a humble, highly motivated one, as he appears to be.

He can bring so much top-class experience to the squad, which will be mutually beneficial to himself and Lennon, in the latter`s attempt to reinvigorate and re-educate the players. They must be chomping at the bit to play alongside him. Or they should be! Eager to learn and pick up tips! And now that we have lost Mavies again, he could prove an invaluable asset in that position.

I refuse to believe that we won`t be seeing Gudjohnsen gracing the hallowed turf again in Bolton`s colours. At this stage, it is quite unthinkable! I also suspect that we as fans are now in for an exciting ride for the rest of the season, with both him and Lennon in tandem!

Bring it on!

-by Barney Grumble

n other news, fortnightly columnist Jay Bhandari has left the site. He was unable to contribute to the Wanderers Project as previously discussed and is unable to commit to writing every two weeks. I’d like to thank him for his posts. Since Jay’s left, the search for a new full time writer is underway. If you’re interested in this position please get in touch- From there we can discuss further details. Many thanks.


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