Date: 16th September 2013 at 3:31pm
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Just a quick one to say thanks

Great comments on the last article, guys? seriously, great comments. As enjoyable to read; as insightful, knowledgeable and articulate they were to read, they were equally as heartbreaking to digest. Comments of around the 500 mark, from about 5 different members, originate from fans either witnessing extreme highs or demoralising lows? We`re certainly not experiencing anything which can be described as ‘high`. Unless, of course, frustration levels, players` wages and fan blood-pressure can be supplemented into the equation.

First, let`s get to the news which makes me wonder a) why we bother? and b) are we cursed?
Andre Moritz, the head-scratcher of an unused substitute at the weekend is injured. No, not unfit? injured. We already knew he was unfit. I mean, really unfit. One of the comments from one of you said something like, ‘does he lie on the couch eating KFC when he`s not training?` The length of time he`s been ‘unfit` since the start of the season, its probable his KFC binges were brought on after Budweiser and pot-smoking sessions.

Whatever the reason this seasoned Brazilian footballer, at the peak of his career, is too unfit for second-tier football, after millions has been spent on our fitness equipment and setup, may forever be a mystery. But now, whatever his fitness levels are doesn`t matter. With a lengthy spell on the sidelines, those levels are sure to plummet further.

We may see Mavies playing significant time before we see Moritz make a significant impact on the first-team.

On a more positive note, our manager claims we will improve. Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, 3 years ago and every week since from two managers and countless players. When they say ‘we will improve`, I`d wish they give us a timeframe. It`s like getting after-game predictions from a tarot card reader on Blackpool`s front. ‘Bolton will improve in 2 games, 2 years or 2 decades`.

Right, I`m off the give Andre a ring to see if he fancies a session on the pop and a Bargain Bucket.


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