Date: 22nd August 2013 at 3:49pm
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Just a little thank you for your constant commenting

Our football club really has us all in a tizzy, doesn`t it?

Debt, defenders, Dawson, Knight, strikers, Gartside, goalkeeper; who plays where? Who should or shouldn`t play at all? Are we a good team? Are we not? Were we ever? Will we ever be good again? if we were, that is?

I read all your comments and you really are an articulate bunch. You have oodles of opinions and make excellent arguments however the argument is received by your peers.

But it`s because your skulls are blessed with such grey matter which makes reading your frustration so? Well, frustrating. You deserve better. You deserve to feel at peace with your club, at least.

Please keep the comments coming. Even if it`s just to vent frustration, continue to comment because I`m sure they are as cathartic to other readers as they are for me, even if that particular reader chooses not to reply.

Adlington2`s article really did put things into perspective for me. I wasn`t just saying it. Even though I`m sure it wasn`t intentional, it was just the tonic of words which I needed to read. It was like I`d finally taken that first step into the BWFC Anonymous meeting and said, ‘hello, I`m Mr Ecky and I`m a BWFCaholic.`

I`m going to try and enjoy watching the Whites play a football match, win or lose. Because when you`re losing sleep or waking up in a cold sweat because of your local football team, there`s something wrong, surely.

Or is that the norm with you to?


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