Date: 18th March 2015 at 8:51pm
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What to do in the summer

Having lost another game to another late goal, Neil Lennon (as well as thousands of Bolton Wanderers fans) is very frustrated- and understandably so!

There clearly must be something wrong with a team that fails to have the ability to see out games late on and come away with nothing from a tie that we could well have won.

We have various senior players out of contract and prior to the semi-slump we currently find ourselves in, it was predicted that many big names would leave the club in the coming months.

Contract discussions should be well underway with most players set to sign on for longer- those not being offered new’uns are often announced at around this time.

However, Neil Lennon may well have dropped his biggest bombshell so far by saying the following:

Some of the senior players have a weak mentality but I can’t do anything about that until the end of the season when we will still be hopefully in the Championship.

I also remember reading (but can’t seem to find) a quote of him saying something along the lines of ‘There’s nothing I can do without better players’.

These both imply that he feels the current crop he has is not at the required standard, which is similar to what his predecessor Dougie Freedman said.

The difference is though that Freedman signed almost the whole squad, whereas Lennon inherited much of it.

I feel that many are playing below their potential ability and don’t know whether the whole squad needs to be revamped- which many not necessarily be the intentions of our former Celtic friend, though there are definitely some ‘anonymous’ individuals that should go. It’s funny I should use the word anonymous as they seem to be just that on the pitch- you can probably guess whom I’m getting at here.

Maybe this was all a bit of hot-headed post-loss Neil Lennon, and maybe he does want to keep the core of our squad.

Anwyay, what’s your opinion on this? Who should stay and who should go? PLUS- who should we look to bring in? Leave your thoughts below.


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