Date: 31st August 2013 at 9:36pm
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Initial response to the game of ‘football’ at Ewood Park.

What do I write for you after that? Do I write you a match report, a la Bolton News, explaining the games happenings in chronological order? Do I write about my views on the team, manager, league position? Or do I try and send you some hope for the future, or explain how we are doomed?

After what you`ve just witnessed, do you care? The players obviously don`t?

The defence is shambolic. The midfielders neither assist the defence nor aid in attack and pass as if blindfolded. The attack or strikers?well, you have to witness something to provide an analysis.

So what has happened? What is going on?

It`s pointless analysing the game and dissecting mistakes because it doesn`t matter who the opposition is, the outcome is always the same. The mistakes we are making, regardless of opposition- Championship or League One- are being made by the same players in the same scenarios, over and over again.

You all will have an opinion on what`s gone wrong, when the rot started, who`s to blame, how it can be rectified etc. and I`m sure you`ll all comment on such, as I see you already have. To go over the faults- there`s a lot- would take more time than I have available, plus it would leave me nowhere to go in future articles.
But here`s where I am at the minute; the salient point, in my opinion, which needs to be addressed immediately, before any drastic changes occur in personnel, especially coming in?

Zat Knight has to go.

I don`t care who takes his place at this moment in time, I just want that towering block of wood out of our defence. I`ve seen enough of his blunders- I`d seen enough of his blunders two seasons ago- now I want him gone. I would go as far to say, if Knight remains in the team, I will no longer be paying to watch Bolton Wanderers. Just like sealing the hole so the fox has little chance of survival nullifies fox-hunting as a ‘sport`, adding Zat Knight to the starting-11 gives the opposition such an unfair advantage I`m not willing to endorse. If we had no-one in reserve, that would be different. If the Whites had no other centre-back on their books other than Knight and another, then I would continue my financial support in sympathy of their predicament until a replacement was made possible. But we have Mills (yes, I`d rather have Mills) and if need be, a recruitment from the youth squad.

Some of you may think I`m being harsh on Knight. You may say it isn`t just him at fault. Of course, you would be right in saying that. But that`s just how I feel. I`ve never once booed Knight and I never would, that to me is counter-productive. I would show my disproval by keeping my money in my pocket until Zat is removed from the team and the club would know the reasons for my absence in an email. Not like they`d be saying, ‘where`s Mr Ecky these days?` but that`s what I`d do and such is my right.

Get Knight out of the team, hand the captaincy over to the fan-favourite Spearing, see what happens in the transfer window and let`s start our season again after the International break.

Who knows, such a simple shift in leadership and personnel change may at least inject some fight into the team. Because what I`ve just witnessed at Blackburn, the only fight that was shown in a Bolton shirt was the fans fighting for the exit doors.


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  • I agree with you on stripping Zat Knoght of the captaincy and dropping him, the mans has been and always will be a liability, so the fact that he’s anywhere near the first team, let alone first choice for 3 consecutive managers and our current captain is beyond me (his body langue after we cenceed is what frustrates me most, instead of encouraging his team mates and showing actual leadership qualities, he stands hands on hips, head down). However, I couldn’t agree less on your second point. Yes, Zat Knight is a massive liability, yes, he is as useless as a white crayon, and yes, I would love nothing more than to see him dropped from the first 11 for good just like the rest of us! But you can’t decide to stop turning up and actually supporting your club just because we’re going through a rough patch, in my eyes, a fan is someone who sticks by their club, through thick and thin, weather that’s watching your club draw 2-2 away at Bayern Munich, or seeing your club rock-bottom of the championship after an embarrassing defeat in a local derby. You can’t complain about players not playing for the shirt if you’re not prepared to get behind your team

  • Completely dejected I said exactly the same. I don’t know what happens next or how we can turn this around. The team is in complete disarray. On the field they look like 11 strangers who have never played together before. I am point faith in freedman now and the doubt started when he made knight his captain. Freedman has to swallow his pride and drop him. If drastic action is not taken the fans will be calling for his head.

  • Should of read losing faith. Not looking forward to Leeds at home either, but maybe I will feel better by then. Regardless I will be taking my seat. Like party says you have to support your club through the bad times too. We are the club and when the current staff have moved on we will still be there.

  • Did anyone listen to GMR post match interview with DF ? Very interesting what he said about certain players still in the team from the premiership who aren’t pulling their weight, don’t seem to want to play for the team to win, and despite him keeping faith in them and encouraging them, they aren’t improving are showing the will. Sounded like a description of knight to me. not committed, given plenty of chances, given incentives (captains armband). So Dougie, thanks for sharing, now grow a pair and drop him. Carrot isn’t working, try. the stick. On the slimmest of positives, Chungy looked ok on the highlights ! Ad for Gods sake, get Moritz on at the beginning, how the hell can he not be fit by now, unless he’s on 60 a day !!! A comment the other day was interesting how Dougie had similar results at Palace early on as a way to loosen purse strings. Could that really be true, he persists with a crap defence to show
    how crap we are to scare the living day lights out of PG to blow some of that (still being received) parachute payment ??? FFP my testicles, QPR et al are in receipt of similar payments and have a significantly higher wage bill. Les not be a Burnley with no ambition in the boardroom.

  • I did pass my English O Level, but a combination of a tiny box to type into, an iPad with shi**y autocorrect, and inaccurate typing sometimes, well frequently, lead to numerous spelling mistakes. Sorry about that fellow supporters !

  • Good write up Mr Ecky, feel the same too. doesn’t matter who comes in.
    As I said above, grow a pair and just drop him, and whoever else you don think is in it for the team. It can’t get worse, a loss is a loss.

  • LOV site captured the comments quite well………….
    “The players were told a few truths after the game. I’ve got to try and make sure there are players here that want to play for the football club. Right now, I’ve still got a feeling we’ve got to recruit 2 or 3 more players to get the right attitude in the squad. If certain players don’t want to be here they go come Monday morning. It depends on if anybody goes out. We need to understand that we’ve got a lot of money tied up in big contracts and loan contracts and then generate some money.”……………….

    So who are these players, other than Knight, as a few suspect. Sordell is on loan and I guess his costs are covered ? Come on Robmoss, you normally ae a fountain of knowledge, help us fill the gaps…..

  • It’s nothing to do with winning or losing, thick or thin. It’s about one player in the team who shouldn’t be wearing a Bolton shirt. I’m not going to pay money to watch the Whites then boo all the way through it, what does that achieve? That gets the manager ou of a job, not the playerst. By paying your money, you agree with and condone what follows and I don’t. I don’t condone it because Zat Knight is always in the starting 11. And when he’s in the starting 11 the same blunders occur. It’s like watching the same game over and over again. Would you pay to see the same film every week at the cinema for 48 weeks? When he is removed, I agree with and condone whatever may follow. Get battered 6-0, then we get battered 6-0. In the 25 years of supporting the Whites I have never felt this way about a player before and I think it’s because, in that 25 years, our managers have never been as blind towards a player before. Zat Knight has had more than enough chances and more than enough of our money, so hand him a picture of a spitfire and let him go… For all our sakes.

  • My feelings for our club are all over the place at the moment. I feel empathy with Mr Ecky trying to put across his dissatisfaction to the club. However, I have said as Danfarm does above on several occasions that we are the club. We will still be here long after DF and PG and ED have gone. We will certainly outlast this group of players some more than others I hope. I feel frustrated that the players we have can’t put one good performance together, its almost as if they are told each match who’s turn it is to play well. The defence have yet to get a go!! I know matches are never won on paper but come on this group should be doing better. I feel confused, how did a lesser group (Dawson and Alonso aside) do so much better last year under DF? I feel cheated, I like many of you I suspect renewed my season ticket not only because of the sense of duty we have as fans but because I really thought this would be a good season where we would see some good football. Finally I feel upset and angry in almost equal measure, I look at the team and there isn’t one of them who understand how important that derby game was yesterday. It was a chance to draw a line under the last few months and get going, but other than 15 mins after half time they looked like they just wanted to get through that last day at work before the holidays!! We have been poor now since the end of April when Dawson left, preseason was a joke so for me the 10 games are up. As we won’t be getting any players in before Monday night according to DF other action must be taken. It is time for bravery, Knight and Wheater have to be dropped, Baptiste has to start playing the way he did last year for Blackpool or he can go aswell. Maybe try Ream again after his performance against qpr. Our woeful attack needs sorted too. Beckford is a show pony we cannot afford to carry, Davies while industrious doesn’t look like ever scoring again, Ngog is crap, I would swap him for a half eaten bag of crisps but I doubt anyone would be stupid enough. I would give Eaves and Odelusi a run, they can’t do any worse. If this fails then DF should go and give Aussie Mike the job, after all he could see this coming when the rest of us were luxuriating in blissful ignorance.

  • the team is in free fall, DF is failing, forget the excuses about players not pulling their weight DF picks them each week, it is his job to motivate them, the team plays like strangers unable to do the basics, that again is down to DF. As for the team having no fight, maybe military discipline and training will toughen them up, get them out at 4 am every day, losing and going home to their privileged luxury lifestyles is not acceptable. I would train them from morning till night, make them fight, make them earn the money. As for this season the writing is already on the wall, we repeatedly get it wrong with the players and managers released and brought in, we have fallen so far in such a short period our demise is breath taking, a tragedy PG has presided over for which he is not brought to account. As being witnessed low cost journey players and DF are not part of the solution they are part of the ongoing problem. Our real problem of course is our Debt and that is an inescapable fact.

  • Anyone else feel that the formation doesn’t work? Medo and spearing are too similar. Although I like both, one should play the holding role and the other should be playing more of a box to box role. There is no forward movement from midfield, no one making any runs. They both win the ball, pass it on and then stand still. Holden would be perfect to play alongside one of them, as he was with Muamba. Pratley (although I’m not a fan) I feel would be better than both of them together. I agree with the comments about Knight, and it also annoys me how he seems not to give a f$%k when we concede. His body language seems to be saying “Oh well there goes another one!” – not what you need from your captain. I also think Wheater was extremely poor yesterday and was as much to blame as knight. Give Rob Hall, Tom Eaves and Bolger a chance, he talks about bringing youngsters through but never seems to have enough faith in them – much like Owen Coyle used to stick with the tried and tested!

  • Couldn’t agree with this article more Mr Ecky, the team yesterday were an embarassment. The only player who looked anything like was Chungy. These days when you watch BWFC it’s as if you’re just waiting for the next Zat Knight fiasco, after the other hundred from the last four years. So for me, we need to get rid of Knight, Mears and Mills to stay up, never mind anything else!

  • From the undisguised groan from 400 of us at the fan’s forum when DF made the staggering announcement of his new Captain, to yesterday’s booing for a few minutes every time he had the ball. Dougie has got the message loud and clear. Will he have the cojones to axe him permanently? A real decision for him to ponder over this weekend. Imagine how Kevin Nolan, our last proper Captain, would have reacted yesterday had he been in a similar situation. It is a no brainer Dougie! Mills gave a much improved performance at Tranmere and Bolger is impressive in the reserves. Ream has improved too. Play them! It cannot be worse! Wheater and Knightmare have to go!

  • To be honest I’d rather have Ream and Mills as our two centre backs. I don’t care if they haven’t been great for us, but Knight and Wheater have been useless. No point in keeping them. Bolger and co. could also do better than them. Spearing as captain is a good shout.

  • this is purely a wild guess, since PG brought in his lower wages policy, I bet you have a dressing room full of players all on different wages, the new guys are probably getting half of what the older lads earn, they sure won’t burst a gut when others are getting an easy ride at twice the money. Disharmony in the dressing room might explain why the team as a whole is playing so badly – you could of course add the managers inept input to the mix as well, all in all a recipe for disaster.

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