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Second installation from bowton_wanderer. Enjoy.

Could this be luck? Or Pure Brilliance? 

“I`m a great believer in luck, I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson.

Carrying on from my last article, Dougie`s time in charge was a slow one, but is that truly unexpected with the quality in the squad? Especially at the back. A few weeks in, the difference in confidence and work rate was incomparable compared to the squad he took over and you could see glimpses of this change whilst matches were in motion.

Dougie has managed to turn some of our weak points into our main strengths. We have now, on a number of occasions, held off a win when at the time you could be damn sure the opposition was going to sneak a goal. Our defence is completely different; Dawson has been a huge lift, but I think on a personnel level the rest of our defence hasn’t individually improved, but as a unit they are working for each other, and with the support from Spearing and Pratley, we are winning the games from the back. It is a shame that we now are not likely going to be scoring three goals a match but it`s a sacrifice that is paying dividends. I think it`s safe to assume, we will be more readily to open up games once the manager can make some solid changes to the team in the transfer window.

As I said I think individually the majority of the team hasn’t changed or improved, but as a unit the defence is putting in a cracking shift. They are finally working for each other, and with the support of both Spearing and Pratley, we have become solid at the back. Spearing has been able to dominate the midfield and show his class, I really hope we can keep hold of him, although Medo is looking more than an able replacement. The transition of Pratley, is truly outstanding. He isn’t suddenly able to score from forty yards, or pick players out with great passes, his abilities are exactly the same, but he now has a manager who can utilize his talents and brilliant work ethic. As I write this he has just scored!
Edit: He was unbelievable against Middlesbrough, I really thought he should have got man of the match. Some of his runs into the box were brilliant and his tackling was cracking. Unlucky really.

One of the main implements Dougie has brought in is the work behind the scenes and the effort the team is putting into training. The one thing you don`t want to hear from players when your club has been relegated the year before, is that they are now finally training harder, they have structure and an effective regimen. One of the players who really infuriated me was Mavies, I think it`s really unfortunate he got his injury when he did, as I presume he would of benefited the most from Dougie`s arrival. Mark was continuously out of games and would only ever have a good 15 minutes per match. His main issue is consistency but he has pretty much everything in his locker that an attacking midfielder needs. I am a firm believer in hard work changing his consistency levels. Then it hit me?Mark was purely unfit enough to work at the rate we expected of him, because his time was spent mainly playing table tennis and having a kick around with the lads.

Which leads me on to another issue that as a club we have faced time after time: Injuries. No wonder we have been littered with none-impact injuries or training injuries in the past. The majority of players would have not conditioned their cruciate knee ligaments and muscles. I`m hoping we start to see the last of these constant traumas that have infected our club. I just hope Dougie has come up with the antidote.

I`m finally happy we have a manager who seems to know what he`s talking about in press statements or in after match comments. I really enjoy his enthusiasm and his self belief; that his know-how and his tactical nous are changing matches for the better. When he talks about some of our youngest players it really fills me with hope that we have a leader who will guide these youngsters on the brim of success to the first team and provide the squad with a buzz that it truly needs. On a few occasions he has said he was wrong, which must take a lot of guts. I don`t know many managers to take the blame when a match hasn’t gone the team’s way. I can`t wait to hear Ian Holloway`s press statement when they fail to get into the play-offs!
Edit: Did anyone see Coyle on ‘Soccer A.M`? Truly outstanding to see how a man can put the blame on everything else other than himself, quite disturbing really.

We are now truly seeing the fruits of Dougie’s labour. Compared to where the squad was, he is now achieving the results only kept for the epics alike. Like the catholic version of Jesus, but without the cracking set of abs, great facial hair, and the brilliant use of a tunic and pointed hat, Dougie has now taken this fellowship to the lofty heights of Mordor. Do we fail at the last hurdle, at Mount Doom, or do we have a Smeagol somewhere within the ranks, to bite off the finger, bitterness or torment and propel us into the lofty heights of the Barclays Premier League? Where we can reside comfortably in Bag End? Hopefully without the pie-eaters! I just realised, I`m getting Jesus mixed up with Gandalf?

So is this remarkable change around anything to do with luck? Is Lennie Lawrence just an oversized leprechaun constantly finding four leafed clovers? Probably. Or is it the hard work from the players and the great leadership from Dougie? I know what I think it is.

I started with a quote, I think it`s only fitting we end with one.

“Do ya` feel lucky punk.” – Dirty Harry


12 Replies to “BWFC: D.V. – Durvanti Vagi (During Wanderers)”

  • Lovely article Bowton, worth the wait. I agree with pretty much everything you say. I can’t wait for mikes comments. Come on my aussie friend let’s be having you.

  • Now have I missed something? Firstly there is mention that this Bowtons second article and I didn’t see another. Secondly are we to proclaim the king is dead, long live the king!! Has al gone? If so despite our differences good luck to you and thanks.

  • So, I understand there’s a new sheriff in town… this editors job is on a par with the Wolves manager position !! You turn ya back for a second…….

  • I hold some interest in the works by JRR Tolkien, more recent The Hobbit an unexpected journey ( there and back again ) quaintly ties in with the article above by Bowton. Are BWFC undertaking an unexpected journey there and back again ? Would you depict DF as Bilbo Baggins ?. I am convinced Owen Coyle must have been Gollum, particularly when you consider the ill fortune he cast over the club, always going on about ” his precious ” namely the Carling Premier League at the end of every game, yet when his failings came under the spotlight he would slip the ring on his finger to become invisible. Maybe our current team represent the dwarves attempting to enter the secret mountain were the treasure lies and what about The Return of The king, are we looking at Holden ? or will SKD run out at Wembley and hit the winner in a script not even Tolkien dare have written. What role for Gandelf, do we have a wizard at the club ? certainly not Gartside !, maybe Eddie plays that role. As for Lennie Lawrence all I can say is behind every good man sits a good woman, sorry no offence intended, rather I should do L.L. the honour of proclaiming him our puppet master, pulling the strings controlling DF, he gets the acclaim for what is really Lennie’s knowledge and guidance.
    Bottom line is I hope our aspirations become reality and are not consigned to end up as no more than fiction, sat alongside Tolkien.

  • I failed to applaud Bowton for his article, a brave action, never easy expressing yourself like this but I relate to his open opinion about the club and the individuals mentioned, would like to see some more contributions in the same vein. I am slow to pick up on developments, has Al left his position or is he temporarily indisposed ?After a 7 month season sailing this blog across open ocean, through storms and fair winds , its worrying to see the captain has left the bridge just as our final port comes into view, we need someone to steer this ship home, there are rocks lurking, has anyone seen Jack Sparrow or are we destined for Davy Jones locker ? this is the problem when you allow fiction to take over your comments, maybe we should ask Reginald D. Hunter to write a few articles, if he is good enough for the PLA he is good enough for us ! I note SKD was snapped alongside him the other night, maybe Kevin thought he had an outside chance for player of the year which ties in with his cosy photo call – spot the comedian ? Anyway onto more serious matters, focusing our thoughts on the game this Saturday – any ideas on the team DF will assemble to face Blackpool ?

  • thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated! oh bolton gav my first article was about two weeks back or more, it’s the one that says , B.W. before wanderers, is this luck? or pure brilliance?

  • Does anybody have any idea what is going on? I assume bwfc 85 may be best to ask but maybe you don’t know either. It seems odd that al would pack in with a game to go. I would be happy if needed to do a preview for the weekend?

  • Good article old bean !

    Maybe Al is on a covert mission in Blackpool to gather intelligence for Doooooogie….

  • I would hope one of our players don’t bite a Blackppol player’s finger off. We can’t be doing with an 10 match bans.

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