Date: 25th September 2013 at 5:12pm
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As a news story finally breaks regarding possible incomings at the Reebok, it soon becomes clear… they’re not the names fans hoped they’d be

Opinions, solutions and strategies have been in abundance amongst Wanderers` supporters, of how to get the team out of its slump. So much so, the tedium of so many conflicting theories circulating is only dwarfed by the monotony of what is produced on the pitch.

It is a terrible time to be a Bolton fan.

Apart from a small minority of supporters, new recruits to the moribund team are the desired elixir for an injection of enthusiasm, at least. So when a news story finally breaks involving Bolton Wanderers and possible new-signings, the pulse begins to rise. A slight upturn in pulse-rate of excitement is much more welcome than the sky-high blood pressure experienced during game-time. But like the majority of substance associated with BWFC nowadays, the excitement doesn`t last long.

We`ve all got players` names on our mind who we`d hope Dougie would pursue. We may also have teams in the Premier League who we`d like to raid. But the two players and team they currently play will not have been at the forefront of your medial temporal lobe.

The Wanderers are being linked with a double loan swoop for Cardiff City duo Mark Hudson and Joe Mason.
With Wanderers sitting bottom of the Championship, after making their worst start to a campaign since 1902, Dougie Freedman will no doubt be ruing the lack of leadership in defence. A glaring issue in the early stages of the campaign, Freedman looks to be trying to fill that void by bringing in the experienced Hudson. The 31-year-old captained Cardiff to the Championship title last season, but has been restricted to just two Capital One Cup ties so far this season and may be allowed to leave the Bluebirds on a temporary basis.
Joe Mason, the 22-year-old forward. like Hudson, has only featured in cup competition this term but featured heavily in last year’s promotion winning side. The former Republic of Ireland under-21 international joined Cardiff from Plymouth Argyle in the summer of 2011, for £250,000, and has since gone on to score 18 goals in 77 appearances for the club – 34 of which have come from the substitute’s bench.

Who knows, these two players may be just what we need at the club. Dougie may know them personally as well as professionally and has targeted the Bluebirds` duo for reasons beyond their abilities on the ball. To me, however, this smells of desperation. I have an unnerving feeling that Dougie has exhausted desired targets so much so, he has missed out on other names he coveted. Now, he`s at the bare-bones of who is available and affordable.

Whichever player we get in- if we do get someone in- they can`t perform any worse than what we have available to us at the moment. Whether they have the desired effect, however?

Am I being too harsh on the Cardiff duo? Please, enlighten me. Because if we do sign the pair, I will welcome them to the Reebok like I do every new recruit. But if they just sit warming the bench for weeks, used sparingly, I swear, I will go medieval on Dougie`s?

Please discuss? I`m having a lie down.


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  • As you say, Mr E, this is not a good time to be a Wanderer. Having watched them in Division 4 (in old money), I actually think we are currently in a worse place. I still remember the euphoria of Frank’s winning goal at Blackburn to take us up to Division 1 in 1977 (followed by an equally euphoric Graham Parker gig back in Sheffield). The difference is that back then we didn’t really expect to be in the top division. Today, after many consecutive years in the BPL, we have a seriously raised level of expectation and a possibly over-elevated presumption of our status in the pyramid of the English game. This only serves to heighten the depression we all face as a result of our current position/predicament. We have all spent weeks and articles chucking names around; players we want rid of and those we want to get in. We have endlessly analysed the causes of our demise. We have demonised the management and the coaching staff. And we have done this because we care. I was born in Bolton and I admit to being a Man U supporter in early childhood. I did, however, eventually see the light around the age of 12; an epiphany shared by both my dad and my mum when we decamped Old Trafford for Burnden for good. I live and work in North London; I teach kids who support the Arse, Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Barcelona, Real, etc, etc for reasons none of them understand. I don’t teach anybody who supports Doncaster or Exeter or even Barnet or Dag and Red. This I find a shame. The point is that Bolton Wanderers is embedded in our souls; we feel it in a way that teams like Chelski can only dream about. I also have a 24 year old son who is an Arse fan; I am not proud of this but he is still my son. I don’t really like the Arse at all. Ramble over…the point being that what is going on at our club disturbs us all; we want a solution and we don’t seeone on offer any time soon. I alluded a while ago to the crisis of management in my own workplace; incompetent, unqualified people at the helm. We appear to have the same at BWFC. Loans are all we now have to keep relegation away; nobody else is coming to car-crash FC. I know nothing about Mason and Hudson but they smack of all that is left in the shop when everything else has been sold. Do we not have people at the club who deal with stuff like identifying necessary and available targets? If we lose, at home, to Yeovil I am moving to Tierra del Fuego.

  • Just on the Bolton News website we’re set to sign Neil Danns – don’t know anything about him personally, do people rate him?

  • Competent on the ball, likes his Cruyff Turns, or his version of it and a modest strike-rate for a midfielder. But is that what we need? I suppose we need all we can get. If survival is now our main priority, he’s a decent signing, but he’s not going to get you any more than that. Plus, who does he push out of the team? I suspect we’ve signed another bench-warmer who’s going to go through weeks of, ‘not quite ready just yet’ and ‘needs to get up to speed’ before we see him come on after 82 minutes when we’re 4-1 down.

  • If Dougie plays him, surely it will illustrate how desperate he is at the moment. Then again, if he doesn’t, he will be castigated by the fans. I’ll hedge my bets and guess that he’ll come off the bench at some stage. Let’s just hope we are not losing!

  • Thanks guys, sounds pretty optimistic generally I think – as you’ve said though, a midfielder seems a funny choice at the moment. That bench is going to be awfully warm!

    In the meantime, I notice Dawson and Berahino played for West Brom last night as they got knocked out of the league cup, could the fact they have no more cup games until January work in our favour? Or am I getting as desperate as Dougie himself?!

  • Desperate action by a desperate manager working for a desperate Chairman overseeing a club trapped in desperate circumstances. When you add it all up its a desperately sad situation though entirely expected given our club has been the victim of management incompetence at the highest order for more than 2 years. Eddie Davies has done a Nero on the club, Fiddling away, collecting his annual interest while the club burns – shameful.

  • Please don’t be too harsh on ED. He’s come up with a way of propping up a loss-making club that’s certainly run out of control somewhat, but if the accounts don’t show interest payments being made to someone to whom a loan is owed, laws are being broken which would ultimately bring about the liquidation of the club as soon as HMRC come knocking. I’ll be honest, I’m perfectly happy to sign anyone on loan who pushes an OC-era player out of the team. Get them all in, and get the current lot out ASAP.

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