Date: 18th May 2013 at 6:23pm
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Basic maths from yardinhio who maybe has a point. In article form, it may be read by his ‘powers that be’

A ‘comment’ from yardinhio. Maybe he’s onto something. Who knows, Phil and Eddie may read this…

I did some fag packet maths in the pub the other day with a mate.

I had a season ticket last year and am yet to renew it this year (despite the club doing it automatically for me as I was on the Direct Debit scheme. (Cheeky…). I will probably end up getting one but think the club is really missing a trick.

Last season we had 13,000 season tickets holders. If they pay on average, £350 each, that equates to £4,550,000. If each of these people spend a fiver a match (pie and a drink), that’s £65,000 a game or £1,495,000 per season We are in one of the busiest areas in terms of football clubs in the country (I’m sure you can now start naming them to yourself) and as such, we have to start competing with these clubs. Now we clearly can’t compete in terms of the quality of football, but what we can do is compete in terms of value for money. If we dropped the season ticket price to £200 then we would attract a lot more people down to the Reebok… Off the top of my head, I can already think of 4 of my mates who would. Most people don’t get a season ticket because they can’t commit to every-week games. It’s too pricey. They just decide to go to the games most desirable. If season tickets were reduced to £200, I believe we have a good shot at selling 20,000 season tickets. That’s £4,000,000 in season ticket revenues- only 500k down on where we are now. However, if each one of those ticket holders spend a fiver on a pie and a drink, that`s £100,000 a game, or £2.3 million a year. So if we were to drop the ticket prices, the club would actually make more money, have a rocking stadium for every game and reconnect with the fans.

Fag packet maths and hungover logic..?


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