Date: 10th May 2013 at 5:47pm
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While we sit and wait for any news on potential transfer, just to remind my Bolton brethren… If you have an article, poem or story surrounding the pain and suffering which ties with being a Bolton supporter, send them to me.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be pain or suffering. Maybe one or two of you can delve the obscure resources of your psyche to extract a morsel of glory the Whites have presented to you… Kidding, we’re showered in glory per annum, eh Mike?

Whatever it is, it will be welcome. I don’t know if my Vital email is active, so send them to:

Get writing, folks. Your site is waiting…


20 Replies to “BWFC: Fingers To Keys”

  • I would be delighted to see an article pencilled by robmoss, Fred or Barney, they have given us some detailed observations recently, which reminds me I wanted to thank robmoss for the work he did assembling the transfer data on player movements to and from the club over the last 2-3 years. I assume the club lost circa £10 million in transfer fees from those moves, not including the lasting impact those moves had out on the pitch, possibly increasing our loss by a factor of 10 ( £100 mill) and rising. In any other industry those responsible would be sacked, here we give them £500,000 a year and tell them to carry on with our blessing. If it wasn’t so deadly serious it would be laughable, a farce not even Brian Rix could conjure up.

  • the good Lord gave Jesus 5 loaves and 6 fish to feed thousands of his followers, he naturally did a great Job. B Sky B gave our club Chairman over a 10 year period £350 million, ” this money is yours my son, go out into the football world and prosper ” he gratefully turned it into a £100 million loss, which translates to a £450 million loss, and still rising. The moral of this tale – maybe we should all attend church and start praying ?

  • Have been trawling my failing memory for reminiscences of footy in general and t’Wanderers in particular. Covers a couple of sides of A4 so far (which says something about my advanced years). Hopefully work it up into a feature-length production shortly. Will have to curtail slagging off Gove & OFSTED on Facebook & Twitter to get it done!

  • Never thought I would hear King Michael of All the Australasians advocating renewed church-going for lapsed Boltonians (or Boltarians as my southern, shandy-drinking, football-abhorring partner calls us).

  • If I could suggest a poll for today it would be “Who do you want to win the FA cup?” Pies or Rich B*stards? My vote goes to…the Pies!

  • Great win for the underdogs. All that money spent on Citeh players and they couldn’t even score against “little old Wigan”. Shame our players didn’t have their spirit when they went to Wembley

  • Looks positive about holden. Would now like to see at least one new defender in quickly. I read that there was a striker and defender due to sign on Friday. Well we appear to have Beckford but no news on the defender. I would like to see Baptiste join.

  • As for the badge I don’t really care. I could be being cynical but just sounds like a way to make more money by making us all buy new merchandise. Explains the adidas mega sale at the club though;)

  • Wigan epitomise what can be achieved with an astute manager who can spot proper talent and an owner who has a few quid to spare. In there moment of success it brings home the sad fact our club has a chairman at the helm who ditched our only truly successful manager, probably because he believed it was unacceptable to retain someone with ambition , who threatened to undermine his own authority- the union that had brought rewards for BWFC was broken for nothing more than self serving ego. There after followed our slow slide into failure and demise.

  • Really chuffed for Wigan and Dave Whelan who, as Mike said, is a proper chairman. Heard about the badge business and really bothered either; almost certainly a marketing ploy. Also read about us beefing up the health and science side of the club with a fair few changes in personnel, not to mention changes in approach. Can only be a good thing after all the injuries we have had.

  • I think that they thought our players were fit and then saw those two German teams! I can’t even remember the last time I really thought all our players were fit. It is a disgrace. They find it hard to kick a ball hard or straight. We should hire these guys to show them how –

  • delighted Leicester had done unto them what they did to us, their fans will be suffering and so they should. We were the form team and best bet for the play offs, anyway fast forward to now – looks like Wigan will be going down, cannot see them beating Arsenal with the Arse after a champions league spot. Thus it looks as if Wigan & QPR will be favourites for auto promotion next year, we have got our work cut out, more so than this year. I can see the writing on the wall,considerably less money available, no access to any proven quality new players, untried gambles, hoping the average lads improve while forgetting why they are average, increasing reliance on optimism and hope not that optimism or hope ever scored a goal. Honest – it looks bloody grim, all we had to do was beat a middle table team on our own patch with a £100 million carrot acting as bait – we couldn’t do it, yet everyone is shouting about our improved chances next time around, I prefer to wait until we are at least 10 games in – of course I want us to storm to the top straight from the blocks, but it could be painfully different. As for the red rose – sure sounds fine by me, we are Lancashire through & through

  • Muur says “We are not a Lancashire team anymore”. I beg your pardon sir! The borders hadn’t changed the last time I looked! Bring back the red rose!

  • I still consider myself a Boltonian and a Lancastrian. So the red rose definitely does it for me. Mike – you have have gone back to the glass half empty dark side! Wigan, QPR & Reading coming down. QPR will be in total turmoil & will struggle with a massively overpaid squad who don’t want to be there, who they would like to get rid of and who won’t know what has hit them in Division 2; plus a manager who wishes he was anywhere else but here. Wigan will lose Martinez, probably to Everton, and struggle to adjust like we did especially as they will lose a few players too. Reading are probably the best equipped to survive with a squad who can scrap out some results a division down. We have, and I believe this, the nucleus of a team that can win promotion and challenge from the off next season; plus a manager who seems to know how to get us there. And a backroom staff to support him. I think that if we gave DF the ludicrous money Fernandes gave Hughes & Redknapp we would have a CL challenging team. We have seen 3 massive fails this season; Blackburn, Wolves & QPR – all 100% down to senior management. Mike, I really don’t think it is anywhere near as grim as you reckon but I am happy to support your right to say so! I do think we need an addition or two but if we can get Mavies, Holden & Wheater back playing and maninstays of the team it will be worth the cliche’d 3 new signings. If those three can fire from the start at the heart of team we will be on it. But even if they don’t, the squad that took us to seconds away from the play-offs still have enough quality and experience to get us up there early with DF at the helm. I do agree with you about PG though! Mike – it was **** not beating a **** team at home with that multi-zillion carrot dangling but it happened & I echo the “what horribly wretched luck Leicester deprived in the last minute” sentiment; we need to walk on with hop in our hearts (SP intended!) and make the very most of next season with a manager in DF who seems capable of taking us there. But, yes, wait till at least 10 games in…can’t be worse than this season.

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