Date: 8th June 2015 at 8:03pm
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A wonderful tale of Bolton managers at the Trent. Well, it’s not so wonderful. Read on for more

It`s a lovely day on the River Trent. Old friends Owen, Dougie and Neil decide to go fly fishing. However, they only bring one rod, so they`ll have to take turns.

Owen goes first. Despite not having the financial means to make this viable, Owen covers his hook with only the finest, most expensive free range, hand caught, (insert weird superlative), worms that money can buy, in a bid to catch the biggest and most precious fish.

He wades through the water and casts. The rod dips. There`s something huge on the line! Owen, being the strapping lad that he is, however, has no problem in reeling it in, and low and behold he`s caught David N`Gog. N`Gog has taken a big old chunk off the bait, however Owen believes that it will prove to be worth it. Owen still has a fair bit left to play with, though, as he bought a fair few worms! He uses the rest up, with Marvin Sordell, Tyrone Mears, Chris Eagles, Keith Andrews and Matt Mills among others each taking up quite a bit of this expensive bait.

Next, it`s Dougie`s turn. Dougie doesn`t have quite as much to work with as his predecessor. However, despite moaning, he`s still got some decent worms to work with in an effort to lure things towards his hook. He slaps on a fair few worms to land Jay Spearing. Again, Dougie is not worried about how much this has cost him, and he`s adamant that it will prove to be a ‘blue chip investment`. He also angles in the likes of Medo Kamara, Craig Davies and Jermaine Beckford. In order to fund these, he sells the likes of David N`Gog at the local fish market at a great loss- the worms used to catch him are worth more than what we sold him for.

Finally, it`s the turn of Neil. Most would be worried, if put into his shoes, as he has very little to work with as those who came before him used mostly everything all up. However, Neil boasts experience from fishing in Scotland`s finest lochs and is ready for the challenge. He is forced into selling valuable assets such as Chung Yong Lee in order to purchase a mere fishing net. However, he is able to put this net to great use and plucks out the likes of Barry Bannan and Adam Le Fondre who are both of top pedigree. He then releases the likes of Jermaine Beckford and Matt Mills back into the wild.

Neil Lennon will finish this story in the coming months, as the new season draws nearer. How do you want it to end? Will he make the same mistakes as his predecessors?


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